Amazon’s New World MMO Receives Massive Crafting Update

New World MMO

It’s been a while since Amazon Studios closed the beta program for New World and from the looks of it, the developers have been paying close attention to all the player feedback. The reason why we are saying that is because the folks who are in charge of the upcoming MMORPG have published a new blog post where they announced a bunch of major changes to the crafting system. With that said, today we will check out the full patch notes to get a better understanding of the vision that Amazon has for New World.

New World – Massive Crafting Update is Now Available

Here are the full patch notes that the developers have released for the January update:

  • Materials and resources now display their rarity. One of the changes that go hand-in-hand with something we talked about earlier in this post, the addition of new material tiers, is that there are many resources and materials in the world now—some of which are harder to find than others. Item rarity is now displayed on each item’s tooltip, making it easier to tell when you’ve made an extra-valuable find.

  • Categorical ingredients can be used in recipes. In certain recipes, you’ll now see that you can use categorical ingredients rather than specific ones. For example, a cooking recipe may call for “a vegetable” rather than specifically “carrots,” allowing the player to use any ingredient classified as a vegetable, carrot, or otherwise—which opens up the options you have as you’re crafting those recipes.

  • There are more recipes than ever before. To go along with all of the new materials and resources, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of recipes you can now craft. From the addition of named weapons and armor pieces to a massive selection of foods, there are now far more choices for players who want to craft items. Along with adding depth to the system overall, this should help crafting find its place in endgame play.

  • You have new ways to make things. Some items you can craft have very specific recipes, while others are flexible with what materials and resources you can use in them. For example, when crafting a steel sword you can choose to use a higher tier or rarity of wood or leather components than the recipe calls for. There are even special resources like animal horns and Fae Iron that can be used in place of other resources if you find them. Using this higher tier or rarity resources will affect the power of the item that is made.

  • Trade skill progression has changed. We mentioned earlier that the Logging and Tracking & Skinning skill unlocks had been updated; in this release, all of the trade skills’ progression has been refined to cap out at 200, which will bring consistency across the different crafting and gathering trees.