Apple Leak Suggests Foldable iPhones are Almost Here

Foldable iPhone Prototype

Everyone knows that when you are out of new ideas you have to look into the past and adapt something old into the future. It appears that the Cupertino based tech giant is no stranger to this idea. In the past weeks a rumor about a new foldable iPhone got out and everybody is excited out about it. Today we are checking out the latest leak, so stick around for the end to find out the scoop on Apple’s new foldable iPhones.

Foldable iPhones are Coming Sooner than Expected

According to Economic Daily News, Apple already started the process of manufacturing foldable iPhones. A couple of their prototypes have been sent to Foxconn, which is Apple’s manufacturing supplier, to be tested. The main goal is to provide the guarantee of a minimum of 100,000 folds per iPhone. Foxconn will be the one to decide between OLED or micro-LED display technology.

Every September is a worldwide madness because that is when Apple’s latest iPhone series is launched. That being said, it is no wonder that the release date of the new foldable iPhone is expected to arrive in September 2022. Considering that this is all based only on a leak, it is always best to take it with a grain of salt. Apple can always change its mind.

Foldable iPhones Replacing the iPad Mini

Nowadays, the use of tablets is in decline because of their impractical size and the rising technology of smartphones that are more than capable of handling heavy-duty tasks. The more compact and the more functions a gadget has, the more appreciated it is. Therefore, more and more people are choosing to purchase iPhones over iPads. According to the leak, the new foldable iPhone is expected to sport 256GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, and to sell for $1,499 (≈ £1,100 / €1,299). These features support the idea that iPads or iPad Minis don’t fit in a modern world anymore when everybody can get the same performances from their pocket-sized smartphones.

Final Words

From the looks of it, the new foldable iPhone is shaping up to be an interesting device. Let us know in the comment section if you are planning to get it or not. If not, we are curious to find out what you dislike about foldable devices.

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