Baldur’s Gate III – Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Baldur's Gate III

Two decades have passed since Baldur’s Gate II launched and now, we finally can get our hands on the third installment. Baldur’s Gate III is developed by none other than Larian Studios, the same developers who created the Divinity Series, and the game gives fans of Dungeons & Dragons the ultimate RPG experience set in the Baldur’s Gate universe.

The game is now available in Early Access, which means that it is not polished and ready to officially launch in the final version. If you plan on getting the Early Access version of Baldur’s Gate III, you are still going to have a fun gameplay experience. The game has a steep learning curve and today we are going to list some of the most essential tips and tricks that you should know before starting your adventure in Baldur’s Gate III.

Baldur’s Gate III – Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Character Creation

The first tip that we want to share with Baldur’s Gate III fans is that they should not hurry up in the character creation screen. The game gives players lots and lots of customization options to help them create the best characters. What you should know is that your choices matter. The race that you pick is going to have an impact in the game and the same goes for the way you spend the attribute points.

  • Good Party Synergy

Since Baldur’s Gate III is based on Dungeons & Dragons, then it should come as no surprise to find out that you need good party synergy if you want to make it past the first couple of levels. There are many characters that you can recruit into your party and it’s essential to make sure that for every damage dealer, there is also a burly character that can tank the damage.

  • Verticality

The last tip that we want to share with Baldur’s Gate III fans is to take advantage of the game’s verticality. There is no other Dungeon & Dragons themed-game that makes use of verticality and Baldur’s Gate III does. The jump ability allows you to access hidden areas, find secrets, and new ways to deal with combat. Make sure to use the jump button as often as possible!