Battlefield 6 – Expect Modern Weapons, Holiday Release, and Battle Royale Mode

Battlefield Sniper

After the internet’s been buzzing with leaks and rumors about the next Battlefield installment, Electronic Arts and DICE decided that it was time to announce the date when the next Battlefield game will be revealed. The reveal trailer will launch on June 9. However, neither EA nor DICE commented on the game’s expected release date. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out what we can expect from Battlefield 6.

Expected Release Date

As previously noted, we don’t have an official release date for Battlefield 6. If we take a look at previous installments from the franchise and how long it took for them to launch since the date they were revealed, we can hope that Battlefield launches somewhere in October 2021.

Modern or Historical Theme?

Thanks to internal leaks, we know that Battlefield 6’s theme will be modern. The gameplay will be set in a contemporary world and the only gadgets that look a bit too modern are robot dogs. We have to mention that this is the first time in the last decade that EA and DICE created a modern-time Battlefield title.

Will There Be a Battle Royale Mode?

Considering the massive success that the Call of Duty franchise is having with Warzone, we think it’s safe to say that Battlefield 6 will include a battle royale mode. The question that remains is if the developers learned from their previous mistakes and will make the battle royale mode free.

Battlefield 5 launched with a battle royale mode that could only be accessed by players who purchased the game. AS you can imagine, this didn’t go well and the mode flopped. Of course, there were many other problems than a lacking player base. Let’s just hope that Battlefield 6 delivers on the hype because the standards are high right now. Just look at how Call of Duty’s latest two installments have dominated the FPS industry.