Brawl Stars Squeak Guide for Beginners

Brawl Stars Squeak

Whether you enjoy playing Brawl Stars to get achievement points or to win 3v3 arena matches with your friends, there’s nothing more exciting than when a new brawler is introduced into the game. The new 35.163 update introduced a bundle of cool gameplay features and the much-anticipated Squeak brawler. This is a Mythic-rarity brawler and today we will cover everything there is to know about him.

How to Unlock Squeak

First things first, you need to learn how to unlock Squeak if you want to add him to your team. He is a Mythic-rarity brawler and therefore, there are two main ways to unlock him. The first one is to unlock Squeak by opening random boxes. A box costs 349 gems. The brawler can also be unlocked via the in-game store but this is available only for a limited time.

How Basic Attacks Work

This will not surprise anyone, but Squeak’s basic attack is called Sticky Blomb. The brawler will throw a “blob of goo” that sticks on the ground (or other targets such as an enemy brawler). The Sticky Blomb will then explode and deal AoE (area of effect) damage. What’s cool about this ability is the fact that enemies can pick it if they close to the blob. This will make them take lots f damage. However, we need to mention that the blog can also hurt allies.


The last thing that we want to highlight about Squeak is that he is available with one gadget and one star power. The gadget is called Windup and it makes Squeak’s basic attacks able to hit from further away. Players can use this ability to poke their enemies while staying at a safe distance. In addition, the star power is called Chain Reaction and it increases the attack’s damage based on how many enemies Squeak is hitting.

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