Can You Play Squad Single Player?(step-by-step guide)

an in-game screenshot of Squad

If you love tactical games where you can get immersed, you will have a blast playing Squad. This is one of the world’s most immersive PC games, and it stands out with its realistic combat. However, there is one important feature that Squad is missing.

Squad doesn’t have a single player mode. The game can only be played online, which means that players have to team up with others in squads. Squad offers a combat tutorial for players who are new to the game that can be played solo. The tutorial lasts for up to ten minutes and it lets players test all weapons and utilities in the game. The only to truly play the game solo is to run logistics for the team.

While Squad is an online-only game, you can still play it without joining other squads. However, you will have to make a compromise.

Can You Play Squad Single Player?

In general, tactical games offer single player experiences with immersive stories. Squad takes things to the next level and provides fans of FPS with an online experience that focuses on teamwork and tactical combat. This is why Squad can’t be played single player. This is an online game and teaming up with others to play in a “squad” is what makes it fun.

What’s really great about Squad is the fact that you don’t need to convince your friends to start playing it with you. The community is generally older, and the people there love welcoming new players. You can join any random squad as a solo, and you will quickly become a respected member of the team. The players are inclusive because they need to be. Otherwise, they will not be effective.

How to Play Squad Solo

Even though Squad is a multiplayer-only game, there is a way to play without anyone. You can play solo by creating a locked squad and claiming a logistics truck or helicopter. This way, you will be in charge of providing the friendly troops with ammo, building materials, and extractions when they get into trouble. You won’t be forced to have any teammates and be a lone wolf.

Final Words

Joining squads and coordinating with random players to flank the enemy is one of the best feelings in Squad. This is what makes the game fun, and in my opinion, everyone who enjoys tactical games will love Squad. If you are feeling shy about joining random squads, you should be pleased to know that there are many Discord communities dedicated to this game. You will be able to find a group of like-minded people in no time!

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