Can You Play Squad with a Controller? (Steam Guide)

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Squad is one of the most immersive PC games that you can play right now. The game offers players the chance join massive 100-player battlegrounds that act as mil-sims. If you are coming from consoles, you probably have a difficult time adjusting to keyboard & mouse and are probably wondering if Squad supports controller.

Squad supports controllers. Players can change from keyboard and mouse to controller directly from the Settings menu. However, the game is designed for PC players, and therefore, the keymap is not very great. Squad players who want to enjoy the game with a controller will need to spend some time creating a personalized keymap that makes it easy for them to aim, drive, and take action in the game. Don’t worry, we will help you with that.

Even though Squad comes with built-in support for controllers, you will soon find out that it doesn’t work too well. You need to a make couple of adjustments for the Squad controller support to run without issues.

Can You Play Squad with a Controller?

Yes, Squad can be played with a controller. Since Squad is available to play via Steam, this means that the game can be played with all controllers, including PS4 and Xbox One. However, it’s important to mention that the native Squad controller support is not very great. You will need to make some changes to the keymap so that you can access all of the game’s features and keep up with players who are using a mouse and keyboard.

A Squad player named Delta Dan posted on Steam forum showing that he managed to create a personalized Squad controller layout with a keyboard & mouse emulator called Xpadder. You can check out the entire post by clicking here.

Can You Play Squad with PS4 Controller?

You can play Squad with a PS4 controller. While PC players will argue that mouse and keyboard is better thanks to the accuracy that it offers, the PS4 controller makes up for that by using aim assist. If you have played games like Fortnite or Warzone where aim assist is present, you will know that it gives a big boost to accuracy.

Since we are talking about Squad and PS4, I want to highlight that I wrote a full article that talks about the game’s availability on consoles. Read now to find out more.

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