Can’t Play Halo Infinite Campaign?(3 Easy Fixes for PC & Xbox)

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Did you just install Halo Infinite on your PC or Xbox and want to play the campaign but can’t? As big of a franchise Halo is, the Halo Infinite Campaign is bugged and can’t be played. Reports from the community show that the campaign glitches on PC. Luckily, there are some ways to fix the Halo Infinite campaign so that you can play it both on PC and Xbox.

If you can play Halo Infinite multiplayer but not the campaign, you should restart the device you are playing it on. All PC or Xbox settings will go to default automatically. If you still can’t play the Halo Infinite campaign, you need to download the latest version of the game or repair the game files. This sounds more complicated than it is. Follow the guides below and you will be able to play the campaign in no time.

I know just how annoying it can be to wait a couple of hours for a game to install only to not be able to play it. Fortunately, fixing the Halo campaign bug is quick.

Can’t Play Halo Infinite Campaign?

If you were excited about playing the Play Halo Infinite Campaign and are surprised that it’s not working, you should be pleased to know that it’s not your PC or Xbox to blame. This is a bug with the game and luckily, there are already multiple ways to fix the problem. The Halo Infinite Campaign bug occurs usually on PC to players who access the game via Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate. Nonetheless, the guides below will help you fix the problem.

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#1 Get the Latest Update

One of the best things about playing an AAA game like Halo Infinite is the fact that it benefits from full-fledged developer support. This means that whenever the community reports a bug or a glitch, the developers fix as soon as possible. They achieve this by providing the game with a constant stream of updates. This is why when you have any Halo Infinite bugs, you need to get the latest update. In fact, the Halo Infinite Campaign will not work if you are not running on the latest version of the game.

#2 Restart Your Device

Whether you want to play Halo Infinite on a PC or Xbox, restarting the device is always a good idea when you are running into bugs. What most people don’t know about restarts is that they reset all settings to default. Restarting the device doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes and will fix all issues that are caused by network.

#3 Reinstall the Game

If you downloaded the latest update and restarted your device but the Halo Infinite Campaign is still not working, you need to reinstall the game. After checking multiple Halo communities, I noticed that reinstalling the game will fix almost all problems. The reason why I recommended this fix last is because it takes a while to reinstall the game and you are probably eager to get started in the campaign as soon as possible.

Final Words

Game bugs are always annoying, and there is no doubt about that. Let’s hope that Microsoft takes the feedback from users and make sure that the games it creates no longer have problems with the campaign, especially since there are players who don’t really care for the multiplayer aspect of Halo and just want the solo experience.

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