Carrier Hub App: What it Does and How to Remove it

Carrier Hub App

Did you notice that there is an app called Carrier Hub installed on your smartphone and don’t know what it does? If that is the case, you have arrived at the right place. Today we will show you what Carrier Hub is and how you can uninstall it if it’s using up too many resources.

Carrier Hub app is a core Android component that allows smartphones to use features such as voice over Wi-Fi that are available through Sprint and T-Mobile’s network. In general, the app is pre-installed on Android smartphones and it can also assist Sprint and T-Mobile with network engineering.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about Carrier Hub app and what it does.

What is the Carrier Hub App?

Even though the Carrier Hub is not listed as a default Android app, you will find it pre-installed on most devices. The reason behind this is that the app is required to enable essential calling features. For example, the Carrier Hub makes it possible for Sprint and T-Mobile users to access Voice over Wi-Fi features that are similar to the likes of WhatsApp, Google Duo, and FaceTime on iPhones. In addition, the app can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

MCM Client Issues Caused by Carrier Hub App

One of the reasons why the app came to our attention is because we noticed many people are dealing with MCMC client issues because of it. This happens when the smartphone is restarted because it tries to reconnect to the cell towers. When the smartphone is connected, the MCM client issue will disappear instantly. If you are dealing with this problem, our advice is to go to a place with high network coverage so that Sprint carrier hub app can connect safely.

How to Disable the Carrier Hub App

If the Carrier Hub app is slowing down your smartphone or you are dealing with annoying issues because of it, you should be pleased to know that it can be disabled. Follow the steps below:

  • Access Settings;
  • Select Apps;
  • Tap on the Menu icon (three vertical dots located in the right corner of the UI);
  • Select System Apps;
  • Tap on Carrier Hub App;
  • Now, tap on Disable.