Change Appearance in New World: Easy & Fast Beginner Guide

New World Character Creation Screen

It’s been less than a month since New World launched on PC and the MMORPG is already taking the gaming industry by storm. Millions of people from all over the world are playing New World and you can bet that your favorite streamers are doing it as well. One of the reasons why is because the game brings enhanced visuals and character customization options for appearances.

New World doesn’t allow players to change the character appearance. Players need to be careful when creating their character appearance because after they press the finish button. Considering that the MMORPG is a new game that has a large team of developers behind it, it’s quite surprising that it doesn’t feature character appearance changing options. For example, World of Warcraft does offer this feature in the form of a special barbershop where players don’t have to spend anything extra than in-game currency. Let’s hope that New World introduces a similar feature.

There is lots of hype behind New World and if you want to learn all there is to know about the limitations of the character appearance, you should stick around for the end.

Can You Change New World Character Appearance?

Right from the start, I need to mention that New World doesn’t let players change the appearance of their characters after creating them. This is why I am advising all New World players who have yet to get the game to make sure to create a character that they like. If they make a funny character, they might get bored of it in the upcoming future.

If you are wondering why New World doesn’t allow players to change appearance after creating a character, you should join the club on Reddit. Fans are speculating that the developers are planning to introduce the option to change appearance in New World after a couple of months and that it will cost real-life money. Let’s hope that this is not true because there are many other MMORPGs that feature this service and they charge only in-game currencies.

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The Best Way to Change Appearance in New World

If you created a silly character hoping that you can eventually change the appearance, it’s best to create a brand-new one now and don’t waste anymore time. We don’t have confirmation if the developers will bring in the option to change appearance in New World and the only way to do it right now is to delete the character and create a new one.

As annoying as it might be that New World forces players to stick with a single appearance, we have to give credit to the developers for introducing a bundle of cool appearance options. For example, players will get to choose from 20 male face presents and 22 female ones. If that isn’t impressive enough, you should know that New World offers 40 hairstyles in 30 different colors. To top it all off, the game features 33 facial hair options.


The sad truth is that New World doesn’t let players to change their character appearance. This can only be fixed right now by deleting the character and creating a new one. If the developers pay attention to player feedback, they are definitely going to introduce this much-requested option in the upcoming future.

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