Elden Ring Supports Crossplay (But There’s a Catch)

Elden Ring screenshot showing main character

Whether you are a console or PC player, Elden Ring is definitely one of the games that you are most excited for in 2022. Focusing on a dark fantasy story and challenging gameplay, Elden Rings is set to represent the pinnacle of “souls-like” games. Elden Ring is only a couple of weeks away from releasing and everyone is wondering if it supports crossplay.

Elden Ring supports crossplay. However, it’s important to mention that crossplay is different than cross-platform support. Elden Ring allows players that use the same system (Xbox One and Xbox One S for example) to play co-op. However, the game doesn’t allow Xbox players to team up with their friends who are using a PlayStation or PC. The co-op system supports up to four players that are using the same platform. Players will need a special item called the “Tarnished’s Furled Finger” from the multiplayer menu to join another person’s game or the “Furlcalling Finger Remedy” to send out their own summons.

Even though Elden Ring features crossplay, the fact that it doesn’t also support cross-platform is quite annoying. On the bright side of things, friends who use the same platforms can still play together in co-op. Below you can find a more detailed explanation of the system.

Will Elden Ring Have Crossplay?

Elden Ring will have crossplay. The developers who are in charge of the game (FromSoftware) announced that Elden Ring will have crossplay support right from launch day. However, there is a catch. The game doesn’t feature cross-platform support. This means that unlike games such as Fortnite where players from all platforms (PC, Nintendo, Xbox, PS) can play together on the same servers, Elden Ring doesn’t do that.

It’s important to mention that Elden Ring will have a PvP area. While players can only PvP against others that are using the same platform as them, there is a chance that the developers might make some changes in the future. Since there is a PvP area, the developers can always allow cross-platform support so that everyone can test their skills against each other, no matter what platform they are using. However, this is for sure not going to happen on launch day.

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Does Elden Ring Have Co-Op?

Elden Ring will have co-op on launch day. This feature allows players to summon their friends into their game. This can be done by using “summoning signs” which work fairly similar to summons from the previous 3 Dark Souls games. Elden Ring co-op works with up to four players and it can be enabled by using “Furlcalling Finger Remedy”. The item is available in the multiplayer menu and it will drop summoning signs on the floor to bring your friends over.

The developers learned from the previous Dark Souls titles that things can get tricky when it comes to multiplayer modes. There are reports of other players trolling and griefing multiplayer lobbies. Fortunately, this will not be a problem for Elden Ring because players can use passwords to protect their games. This way, you can set up a lobby and make sure that your friends are the only ones who join it.

Final Words

In conclusion, Elden Ring will support crossplay but not cross-platform. This means that all Xbox players, even if they have different versions of the console, can play together. The same goes for PlayStation and PC. Unfortunately, neither of these platforms can play with each other.

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