Escape from Tarkov – How to Level Up Traders (Fastest Way Possible)

escape from tarkov how to level up traders

Looking for the fastest way to level up traders in Escape from Tarkov? If that is the case, you have arrived at the right place. EFT can be an unforgiving game for beginners and it’s not uncommon for noobies to spend their resources and time unwisely, especially when it comes to leveling up traders.

Why Do You Need to Level Up Traders?

Leveling up traders is necessary if you want to get the best deals. You will not only receive more money when selling items to traders that you have a high loyalty level, but you will also get access to exclusive items. This means that you will be able to buy better armor, ammo, usable items, and weapons.

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How to Level Up Traders in Escape from Tarkov

  • Questing

This might sound obvious, but doing quests is by far the fastest way to increase loyalty level with Escape from Tarkov traders. You will gain reputation for each completed quest and also a bunch of rewards such as rubles, weapons, and rare ammo.

The great thing about doing quests is that they give you a reason to jump into a raid. You will have a goal. While looting and PVP-ing can be fun, it can get boring if done aimlessly. Questing will keep things fun and it will help level up traders in Escape from Tarkov as well.

  • Skier

The golden rule that you need to follow when selling items to traders in EFT, is that Skier always comes first. He pays the most for guns and it’s best to strip them down and sell them for parts. You can also sell armor and helmets to Skier in order to boost the speed at which you are gaining loyalty.

  • Mechanic

Leveling up Mechanic is going to be one of the easiest. In order to gain reputation and increase the loyalty level with Mechanic, you need to sell him weapon parts and ask him to repair items for you. You will passively gain reputation because you often need to repair.

  • Therapist

The fastest way to level up Therapist is to sell medical goods and dog tags to her. While you might get a better price for medical goods on the flea market, leveling up Therapist is certainly worth it because you will pay less for healing and other benefits.

  • Peacekeeper

Other than doing quests for Peacekeeper such as gathering information or dropping off items in specific locations, you can raise your reptuation with him by buying dollars.

  • Ragman

Right from the start, we want to mention that leveling up Ragman is not going to be easy. The reason behind this is that Ragman’s loyalty grows only when you sell armor, helmets, and rigs to him. These are not necessarily rare items, but most people choose to use them in raids. A useful tip here is to use Fort armor and Altyns to Ragman. He pays the most for them.

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