Facebook Messenger to Receive Automatic Dark Mode on Android

FB Dark Mode

Considering that the dark mode feature has been available since 2019 for Android users, surely many of you are already familiar with it. In case you don’t know what dark mode is, don’t worry. We will give you a brief description of it. The dark mode feature means that your regular white background will turn into black, and the black writing will turn into white. By doing so, the feature is providing protection to the user’s eyesight.

Another benefit of this feature is that it can prolong the life of your Android-powered smartphone’s battery, as long as it has OLED technology. For a better understanding, we’ll explain how the life of your phone’s battery is extended. First of all, you need to know that OLED technology doesn’t need a separate backlight. Therefore, when creating the black color used for the background, a pixel is turned off. If a pixel is turned off, it means that it doesn’t use supplementary power from the battery.

Facebook Messenger – Dark Mode Update

Although there is no official announcement from Facebook on any upcoming Messenger updates, a Reddit user managed to get his hands on the next update. For now, Android users have just two options for dark mode “On” and “Off”. Luckily for them, it seems that the update will introduce a new option called “System”. This option aims to automatically follow the settings you have on your phone. This means that if your phone is set on dark mode, Facebook Messenger will automatically be set to dark mode as well.

At this moment, this new and improved version of the dark mode is in the testing phase, but it will soon be available for the general public. According to the Reddit source, this feature will be available with the 314. version of Facebook Messenger app.


While the new improvements that Facebook Messenger dark mode is set to receive are not groundbreaking by any means, they are still super useful and our eyes will thank us for setting the mode to “System”. If you are an iOS user, it means that you already experienced this feature, so let us know in the comments below what is your opinion about it.

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