Facetime Canceled Call: What Causes it and Quick Fixes

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Do you love using FaceTime to chat with your friends, but hate it when the call gets cancelled? This might come as a surprise when considering just how well optimized iPhone software is in general, but getting Facetime cancelled call happens more than often.

Facetime cancelled call is triggered in the following scenarios: the call is canceled by the caller, the caller/receiver doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi/mobile data, there is a network problem, or the receiver is simply declining the call. The best way to make sure that Facetime is not bugged is to check your network connection and give the receiver a text message to open their mobile data. This will fix the issue most of the time.

Want to learn how to optimize Facetime to get the best video calls and how to avoid getting cancelled calls? Keep reading because I will help you with everything.

What Causes Facetime Cancelled Call?

More than often, the reason why iPhone users deal with the annoying “Facetime cancelled call” issue is because they or the receiver of the call doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data. This feature works similar to VoIP apps such WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. This means that without a stable internet connection, Facetime is not available.

If you are sure that both the caller and receiver have access to the internet, the second most common cause to get cancelled call is when there is a network problem. On the bright side of things, this issue can be quickly fixed by enabling Airplane Mode for 1-2 minutes and disabling it.

Doing this will reset all the network settings to default and reestablish a connection with the network provider. Therefore, the network issue will be solved almost every time. If this doesn’t happen, users need to contact their network provider customer support.

I also wrote a detailed guide that shows how to fix all cancelled calls on iPhone. If this is something that sounds interesting, you can check it out here.

How Do You Know if Someone Cancelled Your Facetime Call?

You can determine if someone declined your Facetime call by waiting to see if the call rings more than once. If it rings a couple of times and then shows that it’s canceled, chances are that the receiver is hanging up. In case Facetime doesn’t ring a single time, this means that the call is getting canceled due to another reason.

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