Fix FIFA 2022 Crashing on PC: 5 Tested and Proven Methods


Being one of the most popular games in the world, there is a lot of hype begin all the cool features that FIFA 22 brings to PC. One of the highlight features is hyper motion technology that will make playing the game feel more immersive than ever. However, FIFA 22 also comes with its fair share of issues. FIFA 22 crashes on PC quite often. Luckily, there’s a quick way to fix FIFA 22 crashing on PC.

There are many ways to fix FIFA 22 crashing on PC and the best one is to verify the integrity of the game files. Steam or Origin can make mistakes when downloading or installing the game files. This issue can be fixed by pressing the Windows search bar, typing in FIFA, and right clicking on the icon to select “App Settings”. All that is left to do is click on the “Repair” button and wait for the process to finish.

Verifying the FIFA 22 file integrity is not the only to fix PC crash problems. There’s a high chance that you might be dealing with FIFA 22 driver crashes. Don’t worry because I am here to help. Keep reading to find out all the fixes for FIFA 22 crashing on PC.

Fix FIFA 2022 Crashing on PC

#1 Verify Game File Integrity

One of the most common reasons why FIFA crashes on PC is bad file integrity. On the bright side of things, fixing the problem is super simple. You only have to know where to look. Here is how you can fix FIFA 22 game file integrity:

  • Press the Windows button (located next to ctrl on the left side of the keyboard);
  • Search for FIFA;
  • Right click on the icon and select App Settings;
  • Select Repair and the file integrity will now be checked and fixed.

#2 Update Graphics Card Driver

Companies like NVIDIA, for example, have special apps that can be used to search for the latest drivers update available. My advice is to head over to your graphics card driver’s manufacturer website and download all the latest updates, especially if you are dealing with annoying issues like the FIFA 2021 driver crash on PC.

Follow the guide below to get the latest graphics card driver update directly from your PC:

  • Launch Device Manger;
  • Select Display Adapters;
  • Right click on your GPU;
  • Now, select the Update Driver

#3 Download the Latest Windows Update

Downloading the latest Windows update is always a good idea when playing games on PC. The updates introduce “under the hood” software tweaks that lead to performance improvements and better overall user experience. If you are already running Windows 10, all the updates are free and you can get them by following the steps below:

  • Head over to Settings;
  • Select Update & Security;
  • Select Windows Update;
  • Now, click on Check for Update and the system will get the latest release.

There is also a detailed guide on our website that shows how to fix “Fallout 4 won’t start on PC”. You might find some solutions that can help you run PC games. 

#4 Fix FIFA 2022 DirectX Error

If you have been playing FIFA games for a long time on PC, then you are more than likely familiar with DirectX issues. These bugs have been annoying FIFA players on PC for years now and unfortunately, FIFA 2022 is not an exception to that rule. Check out the steps below to learn how to fix the FIFA 2022 DirectX error:

  • Access the folder where FIFA is installed on PC;
  • Locate the ini file;
  • Right click on the file and open it using Notepad;
  • Now, change DIRECTX_SELECT = 0 to DIRECTX_SELECT = 1;
  • In case the value is already set to 1, change it to 0;
  • Save the file and FIFA 2022 will now work on PC.

#5 Get Rid of the Steam Overlay

Even though the Steam overlay is nice to have because you can check out your achievements, friend activity, and messages, it can also lead to annoying crashes. Here is how you can disable the Steam overlay:

  • Launch Steam;
  • Head over to Library and right click on the FIFA 2022;
  • Select Properties;
  • Now, uncheck the Enable Stem Overlay while in-game

Final Words

It can be super annoying to deal with crashes when you are trying to play one of your favorite games but luckily, there’s also many methods to fix the problem. If you followed all the steps featured above and FIFA 2022 keeps crashing on PC, it never hurts to contact EA support. I also want to mention that simply re-installing the game got the job done for many people.

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