Fix Invalid Address Error in App Store – Easy Guide

Fix Invalid Address Error in App Store

One of the most annoying errors that you can deal with on an iPhone or iPad is “Fix Invalid Address in App Store”. The problem with this error is that it occurs when users try to download a free or paid app from the App Store. Therefore, the error makes it impossible for users to access their apps. To make things even worse, this is not a problem that Apple can fix with an update.

Another problem that is caused by the “Invalid Address in App Store” error is that users can’t update their already installed apps. If this is your first time dealing with the error, then you should know that it has been around for quite a while. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix it and we are going to show you how.

How to Fix Invalid Address Error in App Store

If you are not able to download or update apps from the App Store, then you should follow the guide below:

  1. Enter your Apple ID password when the error pops up to navigate to the Account screen;
  2. Next, change your residential address or choose the “None” field;
  3. Tap on the Done button in the top right corner;
  4. A new pop up should appear that will prompt your app to start downloading when you tap on OK.

Final Words

Even though the “Invalid Address in App Store” has been around for many years, Apple has yet to release a software fix for it. On the bright side of things, repairing the error doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. Not just that, but the error should stop popping up after you edit the residential address field.