Fortnite Weapon Color Ranking: How to Choose the Best Weapons

Fortnite weapon colors

It’s been 4 years since Fortnite was released on PC and I think it’s safe to say that the game has managed to stand the test of time. Fortnite is currently one of the world’s most played games and this is all thanks to a constant stream of updates that introduce cool features and fresh content. Today we are going to talk about a feature that has been available since day 1 and that is Fortnite weapon color ranking.

Fortnite weapon colors are used to show the rarity of items. Grey (common) – Green (uncommon) – Blue (rare) – Purple (epic) – Gold (Legendary). Fortnite is a fun game that is designed for everyone to play. The demographic starts as low as 10 and goes up to 50-years old. This is why features such as representing weapon rarity by colors are so useful. Players can tell just how good a weapon is just with a single glance. It’s important to remember that Gold is the rarest type of weapon and players should always make sure to use them when possible.

Today I will give a full rundown of what weapon colors mean in Fortnite and how players can use the color ranking to get easy wins.

Fortnite Weapon Colors Meaning and Ranking

The developers who are in charge of Fortnite wanted to make it super easy for everyone to understand the weapon quality ranking in the game. This is why they borrowed the idea of using weapon colors, similar to how popular games such as World of Warcraft use colors to show the rarity of an item. Below you can see the official Fortnite weapon rankings by color:

Grey – Uncommon

Green – Common

Blue – Rare

Purple – Epic

Gold – Legendary

The chart above shows the Fortnite weapon rarity, but what are the best weapons in Fortnite? Keep reading to find out.

What are the Best Weapons in Fortnite?

Even though there are many weapons available in Fortnite, there are some that do much more damage than others. For example, the Gold SCAR is the best weapon in the game with 36.0 damage per hit and 33.0 damage when silenced. If this isn’t impressive enough, you should know that the Golden SCAR uses 30-round magazines and it takes only 2.1 seconds to reload. These stats make the Golden SCAR the best weapon in the game.

The list below shows the best weapons that you can get your hands on in Fortnite:

  • SCAR (assault rifle);
  • AUG (burst rifle);
  • Pump Shotgun;
  • Tactical Shotgun;
  • Submachine Gun;
  • Bolt-Action Sniper.

Obviously, all the weapons need to be either Epic or Legendary quality in order to deal the most damage. I also wrote a guide that shows the best way to get aimbot on Xbox in Fortnite.

Final Words

Weapon colors do a fantastic job of helping players know the rarity of the weapon they are using or plan to pick up. Almost every online game uses this color ranking system for weapons, Apex Legends included. The important thing to keep in mind when jumping into your next Fortnite match is that Purple and Gold are the highest-ranking weapons.

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