Garena Free Fire: Skyler vs DJ Alok – Who’s Better?

Skyler vs DJ Alok

Picking the right Free Fire character is the most important step to improving your winning ratio in Garena Free Fire. Unlike the classic battle royale games such as PUBG or Fortnite, Garena Free Fire characters have unique sets of skills. These skill help players dominate their opponents and as it is the case with most online games, not all characters are equal.

Garena Free Fire allows players to pick from an extensive range of characters. Two of the most popular are DJ Alok and Skyler. The characters are always compared on Free Fire forums and today, we will help you determine which one is better.

Garena Free Fire – Skyler vs DJ Alok

#1 Skyler


Most of you might recognize Skyler from his all-white suit that looks amazing. The character plays the role of a CEO and superstar in the world of Free Fire However, style is not the only thing you get by choosing to go with this character.

Skyler comes with a cool ability called Riptide Rhythm. The ability can damage 5 gloo walls within 50 meters at the base level. What’s really amazing about Skyler is that for each gloo wall deployed, the character receives an increase in HP recovery. On the downside of things, Riptide Rhythm has a long cooldown of 60 seconds.

#2 DJ Alok

DJ Alok

As the character’s name shows us, Alok is a popular DJ in the world of Free Fire. From the looks of it, DJ Alok specializes in dubstep music because he has a special ability called Drop the Beat. The base creates a 5m aura that increases movement speed by 10% and restores 5HP/s for 5 seconds to all allies who are in close proximity.

If the base level of Drop the Beat sounds impressive, you should be pleased to know that the ability can be boosted to level 6. When the ability reaches the maximum level, it will increase movement speed by 15% and restore 5HP/s for 10 seconds.

Who Is Better?

First off, we want to mention that all Garena Free Fire fans should consider picking the champions that they like the most. The feel of the gameplay and the aesthetics are important. However, players who want to take their game to the next level need to make the tough decision of picking the better character.

We believe that DJ Alok’s “Drop The Beat” ability is more useful than Skyler’s “Riptide Rhythm”. That’s not all. Sine DJ Alok’s ability boosts the movement speed and HP recovery of allies, your friend will love having you around and it will be easier to find a team.