Google Accidentally Leaks Pixel 5a Camera Specs

Pixel 5a

Google is getting ready to launch the much-anticipated Pixel 5a soon. However, this should come as no surprise to any Pixel-series fan because the Android parent has announced that it is adding the finishing touches to the upcoming smartphone. What does surprise everyone is that Google made the mistake of confirming the camera features and specs of Pixel 5a.

Google Leaks Pixel 5a Camera Specs

It’s not uncommon for a big tech company to accidentally leak information about an unreleased device. On the other hand, this is unlikely for Google who usually likes to keep its plans hidden from the media’s eyes until launch day.

Nonetheless, a new blog post from Google is informing everyone that Pixel 5a’s camera specs will include HDR+. Here is how the Android parent describes the smartphone’s camera:

“We’re continuously working to improve the Pixel — making it more helpful, more capable, and more fun — with regular updates, such as the recent V8.2 update to the Camera app. One such improvement (launched on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G in October) is a feature that operates “under the hood”, HDR+ with Bracketing. This feature works by merging images taken with different exposure times to improve image quality (especially in shadows), resulting in more natural colors, improved details and texture, and reduced noise.”

Final Words

By checking out the full blog post, we can tell that the Android parent is talking about the upcoming smartphone because it mentions “Pixel 5a” without the 5G suffix. This means that Pixel 5a will be a budget smartphone that will be equipped with powerful features and impressive software performances.

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