Google Messages Set to Receive Pinned Conversations

Google Messages

Rumor has it that there will be a new Google Messages update. The main goal of the update is to make your texting experience easier and more enjoyable. As we already know, teenagers nowadays don’t use smartphones for phone calls anymore, probably because they are more time-consuming than a simple text message. With that said, messaging apps are equipped with lots of cool features that make it faster for users to express themselves. That’s not all. The apps are also being updated regularly.

Although Google didn’t announce the release date of its Google Messages 8.1.050 update yet, someone from the folks at XDA did some digging in the source code of the APK file and found what the new features might be. Two of the upcoming features caught our attention and we will share them with you.

Pinned Conversations

A very useful feature that the new update will introduce is the ability to pin a conversation. This way you can pin your most important conversations and get to them faster and easier. The pinned conversations will always appear on the top of your screen. To make sure that a conversation is pinned, don’t forget to check the pin icon on the right of the conversation. Keep in mind that you can always unpin a conversation if you are no longer interested in it.

Star Messages

Star messages may sound similar to “favorite messages” and there’s a good reason for that. With this new feature, you can star a message (sent or received), and later on you will be able to use the search option just for them. This means that when you want to find a specific message, you’ll have to look through a smaller list of results.


Nowadays we are always on the run, so the developing companies are adjusting to the present-day needs. As mentioned before, through this update Google is aiming to save some precious time for all of us and the two features that it’s introducing to Google Messages are making it easier to keep in touch with friends and family.

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