[Full Guide] Google Play Services APK Download and Install

Google Play Services APK

Google Play Services is the most important component of the Android operating system and there is no doubt about that. After all, Play Services makes it possible for apps and mobile games to automatically receive updates among other features. Even though some smartphones such as the ones manufactured by Huawei are no longer shipping with Play Services pre-installed on their software, there is an alternative way to get the app library. You can choose to install Google Play Service APK.

Install Google Play Services APK

Google Play Services Info Logo

Today we will present a full installation guide for Google Play Services. First off, you will need to get the APK mirror Google Play Services to ensure that the installation goes smooth. You can do this by accessing an APK provider and downloading the latest version of the app.

We recommend checking out APK Mirror. The website is reliable and it is always updating with the latest APK releases. After download the new Google Play Services app for Android, you need to follow the installation guide below:

  • On your device: Go-to Settings -> Advanced Settings ->Security ->Enable Download from Unknown Sources (this option is required to sideload APKs);
  • A pop-up with the following message will appear “this type of file can harm your device”. You need to ignore it and select the OK option;
  • Locate the Play Services APK download file and tap on it;
  • The final step is to open the APK file and give it all the required permissions for installation.

After you finish installing the latest Google Service APK download, you will notice all other apps rely it on to function (Google Maps, Instagram, etc) will start working faster.

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