Google Play Store Keep Stopping? Here’s How to Fix it

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Is Google Play Store not working on your smartphone? This might come as a surprise, but this is a common problem with Android smartphones, especially new ones. There are many things that can cause Google Play Store to keep stopping but fortunately, there are also many ways to fix the problem. Today we will show you the top three ways to fix Google Play Store not working on Android.

#1 Download the Latest Google Play Store Update

Get the New Update

Whenever you run into issues on your Android smartphone, your first step should always be to download the latest software updates. Google is constantly releasing software updates for its devices and considering that Google Play Store is a core component of the Android user experience, it shouldn’t come as a shock to find out that it is updated on a regular basis. Follow the guide below to download the latest Play Store version.

  • Launch the store on your smartphone;
  • Access the Settings menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines;
  • Under the About section, the version of your Google Play Store will be displayed;
  • Tap on the version and the update will begin automatically.

#2 Clear Cache and Data from Play Services

Play Services

One of the best ways to fix Google Play Store error if checking for updates doesn’t work is to clear the cache and data. Doing this will also restore all settings to default and fix any other problems that are causing the Play Store to keep stopping. If you don’t know how to clear cache and data on Google Play Store, then you don’t need to worry because we will present it in an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

  • Access the Settings menu;
  • Tap on Storage;
  • Select on Internal Storage;
  • Tap on Apps;
  • Select Google Play Services from the drop-down list of results;
  • Tap on Clear;
  • Select Manage Space and then select clear all data.

#3 Restart the Smartphone

Restart the Smartphone

Believe it or not, restarting your Android smartphone is more than likely going to fix most of your software problems. This includes the Google Play Store keeps stopping issue. The reason behind this is that when a device is restarted, all the settings are restored to default. You can think of restarting the smartphone as a “magical tool” that helps you get rid of all issues. You can do this by holding down the power button for five seconds.


These have been our top three methods to fix Google Play Store not working on Android issue. We hope that you managed to fix the problem and if you didn’t or have any additional questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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