Halo Infinite Friendly Fire Explained for Beginners

Halo Infinite

Whether you are a long-time Halo fan who wants to jump right into the action in the latest title or you are a Game Pass subscriber who plans to give Halo Infinite a try, learning how to the friendly fire system is essential. Halo Infinite is one of the most fun multiplayer games available from Microsoft, and the record concurrent player numbers prove that. A good reason behind this is the smooth gameplay and lack of friendly fire.

There is no friendly fire in Halo Infinite. Friendly fire is a good feature for games that want to inspire realistic combat, but Halo Infinite doesn’t do that. The game offers a fast-paced gameplay experience where friendly fire doesn’t work. In fact, most players would use it to grief others or get accidental shots on their teammates. While some players might feel like friendly fire should at least be implemented in co-op mode, the developers are against it. It’s important to mention that players can choose to create custom games where friendly fire is enabled but by default, the mode is off.

Do you want to learn how friendly fire works in Halo Infinite? Or are you curious to understand why the developers are choosing to disable it? If that is the case, keep reading and you will have all your answers.

Is There No Friendly Fire in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite is a super-fast game where players are rewarded for quick reaction timing and decision making. In this style of game, the developers who are in charge of Halo Infinite decided that friendly fire would do more harm than good. This is why Halo Infinite doesn’t have friendly fire. Moreover, the developers have also taken out the AOE (area of effect) damage that grenades could do to teammates (in previous installments of Halo).

After taking a look at the Halo forums, you will see that most people agree to friendly fire being disabled. Yes, it can be fun to troll friends but it can get quite annoying when toxic players grief you with friendly fire. I also want to mention that most modern multiplayer games have friendly fire mode turned off by default. In fact, I wrote about the friendly fire system used in Valorant and Apex Legends.

Does Halo Have Team Damage?

Halo Infinite does not have team damage. Players can’t damage their teammates by using grenades, special skills, or other abilities. This is unique because games like Apex Legends and CoD: Warzone allow team damage.

Although, there are some ways to grief players or AI. I linked below a YouTube video that shows a rather special method to damage AI soldiers:

Final Words

If you are new to Halo Infinite and want to get started but are worried about damaging your teammates, it’s all good. You don’t have to worry about a single thing because friendly fire is turned off.

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