Horizon Zero Dawn Point of No Return – Beginner Guide

horizon zero dawn

Hero Zero Dawn launched on PC back in February 2017, and it’s now considered to be one of the best RPG games ever made. The story is immersive and let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t love fighting with giant robot dinosaurs? Since the game is an RPG (roleplaying game), there is a point in the Hero Zero Dawn story where players need to make a significant choice.

Hero Zero Dawn doesn’t feature a point of no return. When players finish the story, the entire game will be over. Players have two choices. They can either return to the final mission or keep exploring the world of Hero Zero Dawn and maybe do some side quests.

Are you afraid of reaching the Hero Zero Dawn point of no return and choosing a bad ending? Keep reading to find out the best options.

Does Hero Zero Dawn Have a Point of No Return?

Developers have been using the point of no return in single-player RPG as a way to introduce meaningful choices. Games that feature the point of no return usually warn players that they are getting close to it and that they should be prepared for it. On the bright side of things, there isn’t a point of no return in Hero Zero Dawn.

If you finish the Hero Zero Dawn story, you can still explore the world of the game. There are tens of sidequests that offer players the chance to enjoy hundreds of hours of extra gameplay. Another good idea here is to try and complete difficult challenges such as tricky achievements that have players defeat the highest level enemies in the game.

It’s also important to mention that there is an NPC that will remind players to complete their extra errands. This might sound like reaching a point of no return in Hero Zero Dawn, but it’s not the case. The NPC just acts a reminder to help players be on track with all their activities.