How Far Can AirPods Reach? The stats are surprising!

Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

Apple shocked the tech industry when it announced that it plans to cut the cord on its iPhone headphones and launch an innovative product called AirPods. AirPods are some of the world’s best wireless earbuds and they make listening to music so much easier, especially when working out. However, there is one downside. The AirPods have a limited range that they can reach.

Apple says that AirPods have a range of 30 to 60 feet, depending on the Bluetooth technology that they use. The range is perfect for all sorts of activities. Whether you are working or simply walking around the house and want to listen to music, you can have the iPhone placed in a charging stand and the AirPods will still play music. It’s important to mention that if AirPods users listen to music at the maximum range possible, the audio quality will be compromised.

Today we will take an in-depth look at how far AirPods can reach and what users can do to improve the audio quality.

How Far Can AirPods Reach?

Right from the start, I want to mention that the distance that your AirPods can reach depends on the model that you are using. If you are using an AirPods Pro that is equipped with Bluetooth 5, you will definitely have a higher range than the standard pair that is using Bluetooth 1. As a general rule, the AirPods can reach 30 to 60 feet before being interrupted.

Here is a quick rundown of the ranges that AirPods can reach by using different Bluetooth technologies:

  • Bluetooth 1: 33 feet;
  • Bluetooth 4: 200 feet;
  • Bluetooth 5: 800 feet.

Sidenote: Keep in mind that while a pair of AirPods that uses Bluetooth 5 can still keep a connection at 800 feet, the audio quality will not be very good.

How Long Do AirPods Last?

The Standard AirPods offer up to 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time. Apple states that with a 15-minutes charge, users will receive up to 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talk time. The next-gen AirPods 3rd generation offer up to 30 hours of listening time and 20 hours of talk time.

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Do You Have to Carry Your Phone with AirPods?

The iPhone needs to be in close proximity to the AirPods if you want to keep listening to music. In general, the range that AirPods can reach is 30 to 60 feet. Therefore, the iPhone needs to be close to the wireless earbuds for them to work.

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