How Long Does a PS5 Controller Take to Charge?

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Don’t you just hate it when your PS5 controller runs out of charge right in the middle of a playthrough? This can be even worse if the PS5 controller shuts down when playing an online game like Fortnite where getting disconnected means death. On the bright side of things, charging a PS5 controller doesn’t take that long.

The PS5 controller takes three hours to fully charge when connected to the PS5 or the DualSense Charging Station. The battery life for the PS5 controller lasts for 12 to 15 hours and it gets drained faster when playing games that cause the controller to vibrate or light up. However, players don’t have to wait up to three hours if they are interrupted in the middle of the playthrough by low battery. The controller will get more than enough charge in 5 minutes in order to be used to finish a match in Fortnite or any other online game.

Just like with the PS4, Sony did a fantastic job designing the software and hardware that the PS5 controller uses. You can check out the incredible lifespan of the PS4 controller in this article I wrote. Stick around for the end to find out what is the fastest way to charge your controller.

How Long Does a PS5 Controller Take to Charge?

Sony announced in an official blog post that the PS5 controller takes up to three hours to charge. The controller has the same charging time whether it’s connected to the PS5 or to the DualSense Charging Station. Even though three hours is a long time, players should be pleased to know that they can still use the PS5 controller while charging.

Sidenote: It’s important to mention that if the PS5 controller is used while charging, the charging time will increase up to 7 hours.

Can You Overcharge PS5 Controller?

The PS5 controller can’t be overcharged. Just like all other modern devices, the controller uses special software that automatically “shuts off” charging when the battery reaches the highest threshold. Thanks to this feature, the lithium-ion battery that the controller uses will not drain over time.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a PS5 Controller from Dead?

It’s easy to lose track of time during intense gaming sessions and before you know it, the PS5 controller is dead. Fortunately, the controller is equipped with fast-charging features that allow it to fully charge in only three hours.

How to charge PS5 controller on PC?

Before launching the PS5, Sony didn’t like the idea that its players are using the DualShock controllers on PC. However, it seems like the tech giant changed its mind and made it seamless to connect the PS5 controller to PC. To make things even better, charging a PS5 controller on PC is as simple as using a USB-C to USB-A cable to plug in the controller to the PC. Windows will automatically detect the controller and start charging it.

Can I Leave PS5 Controller Charging Overnight?

The PS5 controller can be left to charge overnight. As previously mentioned, the controller will not overcharge because it’s equipped with a special feature that automatically stops charging when the battery reaches its maximum threshold. So, there is no harm in leaving a PS5 controller to charge overnight.

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