How Long Does Walmart Take to Ship PS5?(the real answer)

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Even though it’s been almost two years since PS5 hit the markets, it’s still difficult to get your hands on the gaming console. I believe this shows us just how much of a demand there is for next-gen gaming, especially since Walmart delivery is always late with shipping thanks to the large number of PS5 orders it receives daily.

In general, Walmart takes two weeks to ship the new PS5. You can have a pleasant surprise and receive the PS5 in less than one week but customer reviews for the PS5 show that Walmart needs about two weeks to deliver the next-gen gaming console. If you order the PS5 online from Walmart and use standard shipping, the retailer will need 4 to 5 business days to prepare the order. After they finish preparing it, the shipping process will start which can last up to two weeks. If the process takes longer, you should file a complaint.

Having to wait up to two weeks for your PS5 to arrive can be annoying. On the bright side of things, you will get a much better price than choosing resellers.

How Long Does Walmart Take to Ship PS5?

Sony took the gaming industry by storm when it launched the next-gen gaming console. People love the PS5 so much that Sony has already managed to sell more than 21.60 million units worldwide. As you can imagine, this makes shipping for Walmart quite troublesome. The retailer needs to wait for the new batches of PS5 to arrive in the shipping department, prepare the order, and then send it out. This takes around two weeks.

Therefore, you shouldn’t get too excited about ordering the new PS5. You still have about two weeks of waiting until the PS5 arrives at your doorstep. However, this is not so bad. Considering that the other options to purchase the PS5 overpriced from resellers, I believe that going with Walmart is always the best decision. It’s also important to mention that Walmart offers warranty and if there any problems with your PS5, you can always ask Walmart to replace your unit.

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What is the Wait Time for PS5 at Walmart?

The wait time for PS5 at Walmart is 1 to 3 hours. The retailer is constantly adding new stock and PS5 units are coming in every single day. You can check the stock for all PS5 editions by clicking on the links below:

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Final Words

As annoying as it must be wait two weeks for Walmart to ship your PS5, it’s much better to pay a fair price than have to resort to resellers that add up to $300 more to the standard cost of a PS5. To make things even better, Walmart also offers warranty that ensures you will not receive a broken product.

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