How Long is the Steam Summer Sale? (Winter Sale Included)

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Remember back in the day when Steam Sales happened at random times? People never knew when to buy games because there was always the option that the sale could start the next day and they would miss out on it. Nowadays, Valve is more structured. There is a Steam Sale event for all seasons, you just have to know how long they last. Don’t worry, here is where we come in.

The Steam Summer and Winter Sales are the biggest ones of the year. They last for two weeks each. The other Steam Sales such as the Lunar and Black Friday, for example, last for a single week. In general, the Steam Summer starts on June 24th and lasts until July 8th. The Steam Winter Sale starts on December 22nd and goes until January 5th. My advice to gamers is to add their favorite titles to the Steam Wishlist and they will be notified automatically when a title goes on Sale. There are also great websites like GG.Deals where every sale is available, no matter the platform.

Timing is key to getting the best deals on Steam Sales, whether it’s during the summer or winter. Keep reading to check out the exact dates for the Steam Sales.

How Long is the Steam Summer Sale?

The Steam Summer Sale is two weeks long. The 2022 edition started on June 24th and lasted until July 7th. Almost all major game publishers offer great deals for their games during this sale and this is why the Steam Summer Sale is such a hyped-up event by gamers worldwide.

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How Long is the Steam Winter Sale?

The Steam Winter Sale is two weeks long. The 2022 edition is scheduled to start on December 22nd and last until January 2023. Just like the Steam Summer Sale, the Winter edition is packed with lots of amazing deals that make it a great time to buy games.

How Long is Steam Black Friday Sale?

Even though Black Friday was exclusive for brick-and-mortar stores, it’s now available in online stores that sell digital products as well. The Steam Black Friday Sale event is the perfect example of that. The event lasts for one week and it gives gamers access to a bundle of premium games that are available for cheap prices.

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How to Find the Best Game Deals?

Finding the best game deals is about timing and knowing where to watch. I personally like using This is a website that automatically searches for the best game deals on the web. You just have to search for a title and the website will instantly display the best deals. The results are split into two categories: Official Stores and Keyshops. I highly recommend choosing Official Stores because you will know that the revenue goes to the developers and that you are getting a safe product.

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