How much Bandwidth Does Discord Need? Explained for Beginners

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Having access to unlimited high-speed internet is almost necessary nowadays, especially since apps use up more bandwidth than most people expect them to. The best example of this is Discord. There are countless forums, just like this Reddit one, where people are complaining that Discord is using up all their bandwidth. This can be quite problematic for people who are using a limited data plan and learning how to lower Discord data usage is essential.

Simply sitting in a voice channel uses 20MB for three hours. However, the bandwidth usage goes up when users start sharing images, documents, or videos in the channel. This can cause the data usage to go higher than 200 MB per hour. Even though there is a mobile version of the app, it’s designed for PC usage. This is why the bandwidth is so high. On the bright side of things, Discord lets users change the bitrate in order to lower the overall data usage.

If you always run out of internet data after using Discord, you have arrived at the right place. I’ve written multiple Discord guides and today I will show you how to lower the bandwidth that the app uses.

How Much Bandwidth Does Discord Need?

As long as no one is sharing files (memes, pictures, GIFs, videos) in the Discord channel, the app requires minimal data usage. Discord will use up to 50MB in three hours if the user doesn’t do anything than simply keep the app on. However, the bandwidth requirements go up if the Discord channel is active or if the user gest in a voice call.

How Much Bandwidth Does Discord Use per Second?

Most voice channels use up to 64KB/s when delivering the highest quality audio possible. However, users can lower the bandwidth usage up to 60KB/min or 8KB/min by optimizing the Discord Settings panel.

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