How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves (PC, Steam and Xbox)

a crew of friends having fun in sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves is one of those games that are more fun when you play them with friends. What’s great about this game is the fact that you will find yourself playing with someone new every day, as long as you wish the matchmaking system. This is why you might want to learn how to add friends in Sea of Thieves.

You can add friends in Sea of Thieves by using the Xbox app available on all Windows PCs. Follow the steps below to add friends in Sea of Thieves (works both on PC and Xbox):

  • Open the Xbox app;
  • Access the Friends section (it’s located on the home menu);
  • Type in the username of the player you want to add as a friend;
  • Select the “Add Friend” option.

Since Sea of Thieves is available on multiple platforms, there are different ways to add friends. Keep reading to find out how to add friends on Sea of Thieves in Steam.

How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves

Rare, the developers who created Sea of Thieves, did a fantastic job with the matchmaking system. If you don’t want to run the game on a solo sloop but don’t have any friends who play the game, the matchmaking system will automatically find people to join your crew. Depending of the size of the boat you choose, you will be teamed up with 1 to 4.

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If you match with somebody that enjoys the game as much as you do and want to add them to your friends list, you should be pleased to know that it’s not complicated at. While it can’t be done through the in-game UI (user interface), you can do this with the Xbox app. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all. All you have to do is open the app, go to the “friends” section, type in the name of the player and you are good to go.

How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves Steam

Sea of Thieves is available via Game Pass, Xbox app and Steam. If you play the game on Steam and want to add someone new to your friends list, you are in luck! Adding friends on Sea of Thieves via Steam is much easier than doing it through the Xbox app. Follow the steps below to add friends in Sea of Thieves via Steam:

  • Open Steam;
  • Click on the “Friends” tab;
  • Select “add a friend”;
  • Enter your friend’s code (that he can get from the same) Tab.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Sea of Thieves with Friends on PC

screnshot showing how to add favorites in sea of thieves

If you play Sea of Thieves with the same group of friends daily, you might want to add them as “Favorites” in your friends list. The reason behind this is that they will show up easier in your searches and you can invite them to your crew ASAP. You can do this by selecting a user from your Xbox app friends list and clicking on the “Favorite” button, just like in the picture featured above.

Can You Invite Friends While in Game Sea of Thieves?

Now that you know how to add friends in Sea of Thieves, the next step is to learn how to invite them while in-game. You can do this through the Xbox app on PC. If there is an open slot in your crew, you can right click on a friend and select “invite to game”. It’s also important to mention that friends can join your crew if you set it as “Open Crew”. They can right click on your name in the Xbox app and select “join session”.