How to Fix Google Play Store Force Closing Error on Android

If Google Play Store stops working on your Android-powered smartphone, then you are in a world of trouble. The app library is required to work for you to be eligible to get all the latest updates for your favorite apps and mobile games. That’s not all. Without Google Play Store, you will not be able to download any other apps.

With that being said, today we are going to help you solve one of the most commonly encountered Google Play Store problems. Are you dealing with the Google Play Store keeps force closing error on your smartphone? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. Let’s go ahead and check out how to fix the problem.

How to Fix Google Play Store Keeps Crashing Issue on Android

#1 Remove the Cache Files

The first step in fixing the Google Play Store keeps crashing issue on Android is to remove the cache files from the app library. While the cache is not inheritably bad, quite the opposite actually, it can lead to some issues. Follow the steps below to clear cache files:

  1. Access the Settings panel on your smartphone;
  2. Tap on Apps;
  3. All that is left to do is to tap on Clear Cache and wait for the files to be deleted.

#2 Update Google Play Store

One of the best things about using an Android-powered smartphone is that you are always first in line to all of Google’s latest updates. The Google Play Store is updated regularly with improvements and making sure that you are running on the latest version might fix the problem for you. Follow the next steps to access the latest updates for Google Play Store:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app from your home screen;
  2. Slide-out the Menu option and tap on Settings;
  3. Google Play Store will now automatically search for the latest updates and install them.

#3 Download the Latest Google Play Store APK

Another useful thing about using Android devices is that they give you the freedom to manually download and install updates. This is possible by getting the updates in the form of APK (Android Package Kit).

  1. Access the Settings panel on your smartphone;
  2. Tap on Security;
  3. Next, go ahead and toggle the Unknown Sources option on;
  4. Head over to your favorite APK-provider website and download the latest version of Google Play Store.