League of Legends Won’t Open on Mac? Here’s How to Fix it

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Are you trying to play League of Legends with your friends and the game just won’t open? This is super annoying, especially if you are running on limited time and can’t spend the whole day waiting for the game to work. Fortunately, we can help you out. Whenever League off Legends won’t open Mac error pops up, there are a handful of fixes that will solve the problem.

Whether you want to fix Riot Games Launcher on Mac or Windows, the fixes that you can find below can be used for both operating systems. Without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check out what to do when League of Legends won’t open on Mac or Windows.

How to Fix League of Legends Won’t Open on Mac

Even though Riot Games is one of the world’s biggest studios, this doesn’t mean that its games don’t have any issues. The perfect example of that is League of Legends not opening that is persistent to Mac users. If you are finding yourself in this situation, you need to try the fix methods below.

#1 Check the Servers and Internet Connection

Since League of Legends is an online game, it does not work without access to a stable internet connection or if the servers are down. The servers are usually shut down for maintenance work or for major updates. The developers announce when this happens, but you can always manually check to see if they are down by visiting Riot Games.

As previously noted, a good internet connection is necessary to run League of Legends. Fortunately, it doesn’t take longer than five seconds to check if your Mac is connected to the internet. If the network shows “connected” but the game is still not responding, you need to try the next method.

#2 Fix the DNS Settings

While the standard DNS settings that ISP (internet service providers) offer automatically are usually good for League of Legends, you might want to consider changing them if you are constantly dealing with the League of Legends won’t open Mac error. This might sound complicated if you are not tech-savvy but luckily, you don’t need to worry about it. We have your back! Check out the guide below to see how to properly optimize DNS settings.

  • Access System Preferences;
  • Choose Network;
  • Select your active connection;
  • Click on Advanced and access the DNS tab;
  • Take a screenshot of the current settings in case you might want to revert;
  • Input: in the first row;
  • Input: in the second row;
  • Select OK and click on Apply.

#3 Use the RiotMacContainer

There are many problems that can cause League of Legends to crash or to stop working and Riot is aware of that. This is why the game developer has created a special tool called RiotMacContainer. Using this tool will relaunch the game. Here’s how to access and use RiotMacContainer:

  • Open Finder;
  • Search for League of Legends;
  • Right click and choose the Show Package Contents options;
  • Select macOS;
  • All that is left to do is run RiotMacContainer.

If you followed all the previous steps and League of Legends is still not opening, you don’t need to worry because there are more fixes to try.

#4 Remove the Game’s Lock File

Another annoying issue that can cause the League of Legends won’t open on Mac issue is the lock file. On the bright side of things, you can remove the game’s lock file by following the upcoming steps:

  • Open Finder;
  • Search for League of Legends;
  • Right click and choose the Show Package Contents options;
  • Find the game’s folder and select it;
  • Now, remove the lock file;
  • Launch League of Legends.

#5 Reinstall the Game

If none of the previous methods didn’t help fix the issue, you need to reinstall the game. Doing this will reset all of the game’s settings to default and help it run without any problems. You should begin by uninstalling League of Legends on your Mac or Windows-powered device and after, downloading it once again from Riot by clicking here.

#6 Use the Hextech Repair Tool

Using the Hextech Repair Tool is always a great idea if you are running into issues when trying to run League of Legends. This is an official repair tool developed by Riot and it automatically troubleshoots the game for you. Riot says that the Hextech Repair Tool is often more than enough to fix all of the game’s common issues. You can also get in touch with Riot’s customer support team and ask for additional help.

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