How to Fix ws-37337-3 on PS4: Beginner’s Guide

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One of the reasons why people love playing games on consoles is because the chances of dealing with hackers and scammers are slim to zero. For example, Sony has developed many automatic security systems that keep hackers out. However, they are not always accurate and can result in bans like the infamous ws-37337-3 error.

When the ws-37337-3 pops up while PlayStation users are trying to connect to the PSN (PlayStation Network), this means that their account has been suspended. The ws-37337-3 ban can be both permanent and temporary. It is triggered when the user doesn’t follow ToS or CoC. On the bright side of things, there are many ways to fix the ws-37337-3 ban such as verifying bank info, communicating with Sony’s support team, or fixing any ToS violations.

Getting a permanent ban on PS4 is never good. You will lose all your games if you don’t recover the account. Here is how you can get that done.

Is ws-37337-3 a Permanent Ban?

The ws-37337-3 can be permanent. The error code is given when the account was banned or suspended.  There are many reasons why this happens, but most of the time it’s because the user is violating the PS4/PS5 Terms of Service or the Code of Conduct.

How Many Days Does the ws-37337-3 Ban Last?

As previously mentioned, the ws-37337-3 ban can be both permanent and temporary. This is why everyone who gets this error on their PS4 is advised to immediately check their email. Sony’s customer support team will always send a message where they detail the problem and include information such as how long the ws-37337-3 ban lasts.

I also wrote a detailed guide that shows how to fix the annoying wc 36547 5 error. Some fixes might interest you because they can be used for the was-37337-3 ban as well.

How to Get Unbanned From ws-37337-3?

If you can’t access your favorite games on the PSN because the ws-37337-3 error keeps popping up, you should be pleased to know that there’s still a chance to recover the account. If the ban is not permanent, you will be able to recover the account. Here are some useful tips that you should follow in order to fix the ws-37337-3 ban:

  • Find out what went wrong

Sony will send an email to the account that is receiving the ws-37337-3 ban. The email will let the user know how long the ban lasts and what they did wrong. Simply fix the mistakes and the ban will be removed ASAP.

  • Check the bank account information

If you just can’t seem to log into your PSN account, there is a chance that your bank account information might be expired or wrong and the payment is not going through. Therefore, double-checking the bank information is always a good idea.

  • Check with Sony’s Policies

In general, the reason why Sony gives out permanent ws-37337-3 bans is because the users are violating the Terms of Services of the Code of Conduct policies.

Final Words

While Sony’s security software might be what is keeping us safe, it can also backfire from time to time. This is why I am advising all PS4 owners who are dealing with the ws-37337-3 ban to contact Sony customer support. They will either help you recover your account, or at least inform you what did wrong so that you can void it from now on.

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