How to Fix Xbox 360 Games Not Working on Xbox One: Easy Guide

Xbox 360 Games

Even though it’s been a long time since Xbox 360 launched, people are still having a blast playing older games through the backward compatibility program. However, there are many things that can cause Xbox 360 games not to work on Xbox One.

In general, the reason why Xbox 360 games don’t work on Xbox One is because the title you are trying to play is not supported by the backward compatibility. You can visit Microsoft’s official website here to check if the game is backward compatible. If that is not the case, there is always the chance that Microsoft’s servers might be down or that there is a software glitch.

Keep reading to find out what to do when Xbox 360 games don’t work on the current-gen console.

How to Fix Xbox 360 Games Not Working on Xbox One

Follow the guides featured below to learn how to fix Xbox 360 games not working on Xbox One:

#1 Verify Compatibility Issues

  • Access the download profile (in the selection screen);
  • Fill in the required information to log in;
  • Now, you should be logged in the Xbox One and can play all your favorite games that are available via backwards compatibility.

#2 Clear Space for Xbox 360 Games

If you are required to remove all Xbox 360 games you have installed on the internal drive because you want to use an external one for Xbox One, you can do so by following the next steps;

  • Access the guide menu by clicking on the Xbox button;
  • Head over to Profile & System – Settings;
  • Choose System – Storage;
  • Select the “Clear local Xbox 360 storage” option;
  • Now, choose yes and restart the console.

#3 Check Xbox Live Servers

Even though this happens rarely, there is a chance that Microsoft’s Xbox Live servers are down. Fortunately, it doesn’t take longer than a couple of seconds to see if the Xbox Live servers are down. You can do so by clicking HERE.

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