How to Fix Xbox One Power Brick Overheat: Easier than you think!

Xbox One power block orange light

Does your Xbox One keep shutting down because the power brick is overheating? Microsoft equipped the gaming system with built-in protection against overheating. This is why Xbox One shuts off automatically when the power brick overheats. Nonetheless, today we will show you how to fix Xbox One power brick overheat.

If the Xbox One power brick is overheated and this is causing the gaming system to turn off, you need to take out the power plug. The most common reason why the Xbox power brick gets overheated is because it’s placed in a bad location where the sun is shining on it, the Xbox’s coolers are blowing hot air or the HVAC system is making it hot. Your best solution is to move it.

Keep reading to find out what to do when an Xbox Power Brick goes bad.

How to Fix Xbox One Power Brick Overheat

There’s nothing more annoying than having the Xbox One shut down randomly in the middle of a gaming session. On the bright side of things, this means that the gaming system is keeping itself safe from power surges or overheating. However, the bad news is that the power brick is getting overheated.

We also wrote a guide that shows how to repair the Xbox One power brick orange light in 3 easy steps.

As previously noted, this usually happens when the power brick is located in a spot where hot air is blowing on it or next to a window where the sunlight can touch it. The first thing you need to do when an Xbox One power brick gets overheated is to pull out the power plug and give it some time to cool off.  Another good idea here is to try and find a better spot where no sources of warmth can touch the power brick.

If you keep changing the position and waiting for the power brick to cool off but this isn’t fixing the problem, you will have to purchase a new one. A popular Reddit thread showcased that this is a problem that many other Xbox fans are faced with and that buying a new power brick was their best solution to fix the problem. Luckily, a power brick for Xbox One is quite affordable if you get it from Amazon.

Do Xbox One Power Bricks Go Bad?

The Xbox One power brick can go bad if it doesn’t receive proper maintenance and ventilation. That’s not all, power surges will increase the wear and tear on the Xbox power brick and lead it to start overheating much faster than usual. Therefore, everyone is advised to place the power brick away from a direct source of heat like an oven, HVAC system, or furnace for example.

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