How to Get Aimbot on PS4: It’s Free and Easy!

PS4 Aimbot Controller

Want to know if there is a way to get aimbot for PS4? Even though PCs are infamous for game hacks such as aimbot, this doesn’t mean that there is no way to access hacks on PS4. The tricky part is that consoles need to be hacked in order for cheats to work.

The best way to get aimbot on PS4 is to take full advantage of the built-in aim assistance that all controllers offer. This feature is designed to compensate for the lack of mobility that PS4 and Xbox consoles have in comparison with mouse & keyboard. There is also the option to use a mouse and controller adapter on the PS4 to get access to better peripherals and cheats.

How to Get Aimbot PS4

#1 Use Cheats

A keyboard and mouse adapter is required to get aimbot on PS4. A popular adapter that supports keyboard and mouse on PS4 alongside cheats is called Xim Apex. You can find it on Amazon.

Here is a list of the hacks that Xim Apex brings to PS4:

  • Aimbot PS4;
  • Move fire (removes recoil when moving);
  • Quick scope;
  • Bunny hop;
  • Always Sprint;
  • Rapid Fire.

Sidenote: if you are planning to install Xim Apex and get aimbot for your PS4, we do need to mention that you need to be careful not to get banned. Microsoft and Sony ban cheaters instantly and don’t give them any second chances.

#2 Use Advanced Aim Assist

As previously mentioned in the introduction, the best way to get aimbot on PS4 is to use the advanced aim assistance settings. Check out the guide below to learn how to enable PS4 aimbot on Fortnite:

  • Access the Settings menu;
  • Controller Options – Sensitivity – Change “Look” and “Aim” sensitivity to 2;
  • Head over to Advanced Look Sensitivity;
  • Change the Look Horizontal Speed, Look Horizontal Speed, and Turning Vertical Boost to 65%;
  • Select Apply and go back to Advanced Sensitivity;
  • Change Aim Assist Strength to 100% and click Apply;
  • Now, you can abuse PS4 aimbot by aiming and re-aiming close to the enemies to snap on them.

We also wrote a guide about how to get Aimbot on Xbox One. Check it out to see the best ways to get more wins in Fortnite.

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