How to Get Cool Avatars on PS5 (for free)

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Sony changed a lot of things when it launched the next-gen PS5, but the changes that took fans of the gaming console by surprise the most were not the improved GPU and CPU. Instead, PS5 fans were presented with a brand-new user interface that removed a bunch of important features, such as the ability to buy avatars on PS5.

You can’t buy avatars on PS5. Sony removed this feature when it introduced the new user interface. Luckily, PS5 fans still have access to all the cool PlayStation avatars they purchased on their PS4. They can edit the PS5 avatar by heading over to Profile – Edit – Avatars. All available avatars will be listed there and PS5 fans can choose from them. If you want to get a new avatar, you can do so by setting a new pic through the PS app available for iOS and Android. The app will automatically update your PS5 avatar.

Even though you can no longer buy avatars on PS5, there is a free workaround that makes it possible to change your avatar with a new pic.

How to Buy Avatars on PS5

Sony wanted the PS5 to be a game-changer in the console industry and this is exactly what it did. The tech giant didn’t only introduce cool features and hardware upgrades, but it also removed some features that were considered “essential” on the PS4. The ability to buy avatars is one of them.

PS5 users can’t buy avatars on the PS5. If they have already purchased a bunch of avatars back when they were using the PS4, they should be pleased to know that they can still access them. Here is how to access the PS4 avatars and use them on the brand-new PS5:

  • Access Profile;
  • Select “Edit”;
  • Select Avatars;
  • Now choose the avatar that you want to use on your PS5.

Avatars are not the only thing Sony removed from the PS5. Sony also got rid of PS5 themes and decided to introduce a brand-new feature called dynamic themes. You can read more about this feature by visiting this blog post where I present the reasons why Sony removed themes.

How to Get New Avatars on PS5

Even though Sony removed the option to buy avatars on PS5, there is a workaround that makes it possible to change avatars on the go. To make things even better, the workaround is entirely free. You don’t have to pay a single cent to change your PS5 avatar to any picture that you want. Here is how you do it:

  • Install the PlayStation app on your smartphone (it’s available for free on the App Store and Play Store);
  • Change the profile picture from the mobile app (you can select any picture you wish);
  • The app will automatically update your PS5 avatar with the profile picture you selected.

Final Words

I have to admit that it’s annoying Sony removed a cool feature from the PlayStation UI. Luckily, the free workaround with the PS app for mobile makes it possible to change the PS picture easily. Talking about features that the PS5 is missing, jailbreakers might be able to bring them back. Read more about if it’s possible to jalibrak the new PlayStation.

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