How to Get the Alpha Armband in Tarkov? (Super Rare)

Escape from Tarkov's Alpha Armband

Have you been watching Petsily’s YouTube videos and noticed that he has a cool armband dubbed “Alpha”? Or did you first see it in one of Landmark’s Twitch Streams? This is one of Escape from Tarkov’s most coveted armbands and only OG players have it.

The Alpha armband in Escape from Tarkov is no longer available. The only Escape from Tarkov players who have the Alpha armband are those who created their accounts during the “Closed Alpha Testing” game stage. The stage ended on 26.07.2017. Players who created their accounts during that stage will automatically get the armband in their inventory.

Even though the Alpha armband is no longer available, there are some other limited armbands that will make your PMC stand out.

How to Get the Alpha Armband in Tarkov?

Right from the start, I need to highlight that the Alpha armband is no longer available to obtain. The only players that can access the armband are those that created accounts during the closed alpha stage of the game. The word created is important because it means that you didn’t have to play Escape from Tarkov during closed alpha in order to get the armband. You just had to create your account.

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How to Get the Deadksull Armband?

As previously mentioned, there are a couple of other rare armbands that can showcase your skill and expertise in Escape from Tarkov. The Deadskull Armband is the perfect example of that. Players can unlock this armband by completing the famous Collector quest. The quest is given by the trader named “Fence,” and it rewards players with the Kappa container (the biggest container in the game) and the Deadskull Armband, among other items. Many players see completing this quest as defeating Escape from Tarkov. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its quite difficult.

How to Get the Evasion Armband Tarkov?

While the Alpha armband is impossible to get now and the Deadskull armband is super rare, there is a third armband that players love wearing. It’s the Evasion armband. Even though this item is rare, there are many places where you can find it. You can get the Evasion armband from airports, hidden stashes, and weapon boxes.

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