How to Play Rocket League for Free On PC and Console

Rocket League Logo

If you love watching your favorite streamers playing Rocket League on Twitch and you always wanted to give the game a try because it looks fun but didn’t want to buy it, then you are in luck! Rocket League is going free to play starting September 23rd. Thanks to this, the arenas will be filled with thousands of players who are eager to play their first Rocket League match.

Today we are going to show you how to play Rocket League for free. Before we do that, we want to mention that people who purchased the game should not regret spending their money. The reason behind this is that the developers are going to award buyers with in-game “legacy rewards” and all the DLCs that the game offers.

How to Play Rocket League for Free

What’s great about Rocket League is the fact that you don’t need to jump through any hoops to play the game for free. The only requirement is to access the official website by clicking here on September 23rd, and then download the game on your PC. If you are a console player, then things are going to be even simpler! You can find the game listed on the PS or Xbox Store for free.

PS4 and Nintendo Switch Players Don’t Need an Online Subscription

The last thing that we want to mention about Rocket League is that it no longer requires PS4 and Nintendo Switch players to get a subscription so that they can play the game online with their friends. This is great news and we hope that other online games will follow suit. On the downside of things, Xbox players still need to purchase the Xbox Live Gold membership in order to access the online modes of Rocket League.