[Full Guide] How to Remove Red Dot On Apple Watch

Red Dot on Apple Watch

Is the red dot on Apple Watch annoying you? New Apple fans who choose to invest a smartwatch are always surprised to see that a red dot appears at the top of the screen. This was a feature that Apple back introduced back in watchOS 6 and it informs users that they have notifications that they haven’t checked.

What is the Red Dot On My Apple Watch?

If you are wondering what is the red dot on your Apple Watch and how you can remove it, you have arrived at the right place. The red dot icon is used by the smartwatch to inform users that there are notifications such as missed calls or texts that they should check out. While the feature might be useful, some people can find it annoying. Fortunately, it can be removed.

How to Remove the Red Dot from Apple Watch

Follow the guide below to remove the red dot from Apple Watch:

  • Access the Watch App on iPhone;
  • Select the Watch Tab;
  • Tap on Notifications;
  • Now, toggle off the Notification Indicator

It’s that simple! Removing the red dot from your Apple Watch doesn’t take longer than two minutes and anyone can do it from the iPhone. Nonetheless, you should let us know in the comments section if you have any further questions or can’t remove the red dot even after following the step-by-step guide.

Should You Remove the Red Dot?

Are you unsure if you should remove the red dot from your Apple Watch or not? If the red dot doesn’t annoy you, our advice is to keep it. This way, you will always know when there is a notification that needs to be checked. On the other hand, there are no disadvantages of removing the red dot if you don’t forget to check your notifications from time to time.

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