How to Use Find My Nintendo Switch When the Console Gets Stolen

Find My Switch

What makes Nintendo Switch unique is its portability and even though this cool feature offers convenience, there is also a big downside to it. It’s quite easy to lose a Switch or have it stolen when you are carrying it around. On the bright side of things, Nintendo thought of this problem and created a special feature called “find my Switch”.

The best way to use Nintendo’s “find my Switch” is to immediately contact customer support. The team will ask for the serial number of the console so that it can flag it as “stolen” and unlink your account. Even though this will not get your console back, it will make sure that the thief doesn’t use your private information such as the credit card that is tied to the account.

What to Do When Nintendo Switch Gets Stolen?

#1 Contact Nintendo Customer Support

Right from the moment that you realize the console has been stolen, your first step should be to contact Nintendo support. You can do this by calling the support line at 1-800-255-3700 and ask for help. They will instruct you how to get the serial code of the Switch so that the account can be unliked and the device can be flagged as “stolen”.

#2 Unlink Your Credit Card Info from Nintendo Switch

Follow the steps below to unlink your credit card from Nintendo Switch:

#3 Manually Detach Your Account from the Switch

If the Nintendo Customer support is available for some unknown reason or you don’t want to contact them, you need to manually detach the Nintendo account from the Switch. Here’s how you can do it: