Insurgency Sandstorm Console: PS4 and Xbox Official Release Date

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Insurgency Sandstorm is a tactical shooter that puts emphasis on reality. The gameplay design is so immersive that players have a difficult time finding a similar game, especially on console where tactical shooters don’t usually release. Fortunately, The Insurgency Sandstorm is coming to console.

New World Interactive (the game’s developers) announced that the Insurgency Sandstorm PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will launch on September 29, 2021. Insurgency Sandstorm console is already in beta testing and according to the community feedback, the game is looking great on PS4 and Xbox One. The console versions of the game will also introduce a bundle of major changes to the game, including the much-anticipated Vector and P90 weapons.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to join the Insurgency Sandstorm PS4 and Xbox One open beta. We will also present a quick rundown of the improvements and new features that Insurgency Sandstorm’s 1.11 update will introduce.

Insurgency Sandstorm PS4 Release Date

If you have been dying to find a game similar to Insurgency Sandstorm on PS4 or if you just want to get your console friends involved in the games that you play on your PC, you should be pleased to know that the tactical shooter is releasing September 29, 2021 on PS4 and Xbox One. Insurgency Sandstorm console is optimized to run on consoles and it will bring the same high level of quality and realistic graphics to PS4 and Xbox One that players grew to love on PC.

Worried that Insurgency Sandstorm’s player base might be dead in 2021? This couldn’t be further away from the truth. Check out this article we wrote about the state of the game in 2021.

How to Join Insurgency Sandstorm Console Open Beta

Are you eager to get into Insurgency Sandstorm console? The game is available in open beta for consoles and everyone who wants to join can access the CTE (Community Test Environment). Click here to access the official New World Interactive page that shows how to join the Insurgency Sandstorm console open beta.

Major Update on Release

As previously mentioned, the developers of the game are using the console versions of Insurgency Sandstorm as an opportunity to introduce a major update. Check out the full patch notes below:

New Map: Gap

Gap is where two worlds collide. The luxurious hotel and the poor slums are a close-quarters battleground offering an intense experience where every step can be deadly. Tight alleyways, exposed rooftops, extravagant hallways, and a gold-plated lobby are only a few of the various spaces the battle will be taken to in Gap.
Gap was created with the new game mode ambush in mind, requiring players to extract the VIP from the Hotel into the slums through tight alleyways and interiors.

  • Push Security
  • Push Insurgents
  • Frontline
  • Domination
  • Firefight
  • Ambush
  • Checkpoint Security
  • Checkpoint Insurgents
  • Outpost
  • Survival
New Game Mode: Ambush

We’ve added a new versus mode called Ambush, a single-elimination scenario. Escort the VIP to the objective as the Extracting team, or hunt down and eliminate them as the Ambushing team. This mode is available on the maps below:

  • Gap
  • Tell
  • Bab
  • Precinct
  • Tideway
  • Ministry
New Weapons: P90 and Vector

We’ve added two new SMGs available to the Advisor class: the Vector for Security at 6 supply points and the P90 for Insurgents at 5 supply points. Both weapons support Optic, Barrel, and other upgrades, and unique iron sights. These specialist weapons are exclusive to the Advisor, and offer new and lethal ways to approach combat with this class.=

New Upgrade: Point Shooting Grip

The new Point Shooting Grip is here, adding precision and changing up close quarter combat. The Point Shooting Grip is available to both factions on co-op modes only.

Survival Mode Improvements
  • Increased enemy AI difficulty by decreasing reaction speed and increasing accuracy
Gameplay Improvements
  • Static plays when a character speaking through the radio is killed
  • Voiceover lines played in-game are the same voice over line heard by all players
  • Different reloading voiceover lines play depending whether the equipped weapon is magazine fed
  • Added new “Intimidate” voiceover responses integrated with players and enemy AI
  • Enemy AI that are blinded by flashbangs will play a voiceover line
  • Added two new controller layouts: Classic and Modern
  • The flashlight brightness has been adjusted for consistency between all primary and secondary weapons
  • Direct hits from molotov cocktails will not cause instant death anymore
  • The Fragger class is broken down into five classes: Assaulter, Advisor, Breacher, Gunner and Marksman Fraggers
  • Night Vision Goggles can be worn and taken off using one hand, this allows players to keep their weapon on screen and have the ability to fire while toggling
User Experience Improvements
  • Improved the friendly teammate indicator icon
  • Increased the thickness and transparency of the friendly teammate indicator icon
  • Friendly icons appear around the edges of the screen similar to objective icons
  • Updated the Appearance Selection Screen to add a gradient and vertically centered the UI elements to be consistent with other Screens
  • Improved audio and visual feedback when interacting with supply crates and scavenging for ammo
  • Improved responsiveness of the melee weapon attack animations
  • Changed the default angle the weapon appears on the Loadout Screen
  • 1.5x optics appear between 1x and 2x optics in the Loadout Menu
  • Added icons for each section in appearance screen
  • Disabled the ‘setname’ command
Loadout System Revamp

We’ve revamped the look and usability of the loadout system. The list below highlights the changes that were made, but not limited to:

  • Weapon upgrades and attachments appear in slots around the weapon
  • Improved audio feedback in the Loadout screens
  • Improved layout of the Appearance Selection screen
Enemy AI Improvements
  • Increased enemy difficulty by decreasing reaction speed and increasing accuracy
  • Enemies are more coordinated and use smoke as cover to advance through the level and capture objectives more effectively
  • Enemies will take a longer time to react and fire upon players who are hidden in the shadows
  • Reduced occurrences of hip firing at long ranges
  • Enemies will react to live C4s by retreating away from it
  • Enemies will not immediately retreat off a lost objective when engaged in combat
  • Gunner enemies will search for more effective cover locations to set up at
  • Scavenged magazines dropped by enemies are always full
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult for players to select weapons located near the Range Computer in the Firing Range
  • Fixed an issue where dead characters would play a voice over line
  • Fixed a visual issue with the left arm when sprinting and toggling the any 2x-1x optic on Hardcore mode
  • Fixed an issue where the extended magazine would not appear attached to the QBZ-97 in the Loadout screen
  • Fixed an issue when selecting the different color variations for the Combat Glasses did not change the lens color
  • Fixed an issue where the “Enter Player ID” button found in the Stats > History screen did not work on the controller
  • Fixed an issue in the Local Play menu where the selected scenario would reset if the a different time or map was selected
  • Fixed animation issues when using binoculars while leaning, crouching and proning that caused deformities in 3P
  • Fixed an issue with the ammo display showing incorrect elements when using an AK74 equipped with a drum magazine and grenade launcher

Please note: There are a number of fixes coming with 1.11, and this is not the full list of bug fixes coming in 1.11

Known Issues
  • There is an issue where AI is unable to damage players
  • There is an issue where two or more players will spawn with the VIP appearance but only one should be able to capture the objective
  • There is a crash that may occur after pressing the “Deploy” button in the Loadout screen
  • There is an issue where the NVG point shooting is missing from the new Loadout screen
  • There may be an issue where AI may not navigate properly towards to the objective area and will run back and forth
  • There is an issue where Night Vision Goggles remains stuck on the player’s hand if they were killed while toggling
  • There is an issue where the Vector is not available in the Survival weapon crates
  • There is an issue where the VIP is missing hands upon spawning, the hands will reappear by reloading the weapon
  • There is an issue with the finger animation when using the AKS-74U with the Point Shooting Grip equipped
  • There is an issue with where the primary weapon will jitter when equipping the Point Shooting grip while toggling ADS
  • There is an issue that may cause the direction of the autocannon strafe to differ from the initial request which can cause the strafe to hit at unintended locations
  • There is an issue where dedicated servers do not appear in the server browser list, however players can still to connect to the server by IP
  • There is an issue where replays are not being saved

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