Is 400 Mpbs Good for Gaming? Say Goodbye to LAG

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Having access to a good internet connection is essential if you love gaming with your friends. Whether you are playing the latest Call of Duty title or raiding in World of Warcraft, a powerful internet connection will make the difference between losing or winning.

A 400Mbps internet connection is great for gaming. A good internet connection is set around 25Mbps. Therefore, you can play any game you want with 400Mpbs and you don’t have to worry about lag or having high ping as long as the connection is stable. Another important thing that we need to mention is that having 400Mpbs guarantees that you can download any game or movie you want in a matter of minutes.

Is 400Mpbs Good for Gaming?

If you can afford to get a 400Mpbs internet connection for your PC, laptop, or gaming console, you should definitely do it. 400 Mbps is more than enough to ensure that you can play any high-end game without dealing with any latency issues. Although, we do need to mention that paying a premium for such a powerful internet connection is not necessary.

In fact, a good internet connection is set at around 25 Mbps. As a result, you can enjoy a fun gameplay experience without needing to pay hundreds of dollars for 400Mpbs. Keep reading to find out what are other factors impact the latency and ping that make playing online games annoying.

How to Avoid Latency and Ping

There’s nothing more annoying than having to deal with high lag (aka latency and ping) when trying to play with your friends and online game. What most people fail to realize is that internet speed is not solely responsible for lag. You also need to make sure that the internet you are getting offers high upload speed and that it is wired. Wired ethernet is always faster and more stable.

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