Is Apex Legends Bloodhound a Boy or a Girl? Devs Confirm Gender

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Apex Legends took the gaming industry by storm back in 2019 by offering a new take on the fun Battle Royale mode. The adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience that Apex Legends offers is not the only reason why the game’s popularity skyrocketed. The game also features a unique set of characters that represent modern values and are easy to relate to. Take for example Bloodhound which is a legend like never seen before in other popular games.

Bloodhound is neither a girl nor a boy. The legend is confirmed to be nonbinary. Bloodhound is voiced by a woman and the bio states that the character prefers to be referred to by the “they/them” pronouns.

Today we will present a full hero guide for Apex Legends Bloodhound. We will show you if Bloodhound is a boy or girl, but that’s not all. We will also share some cool facts such as the voice actor’s name and special skills.

Is Apex Bloodhound a Boy or a Girl?

Apex Legends made headlines back in 2019 when it launched because it took the Battle Royale experience to the next level. The gameplay feels amazing and all characters that players can access are unique and special. There is no better example of this other than Bloodhound. This is the first nonbinary and LGBTQ character in Apex Legends and if you are wondering if Apex Legends is a boy or a girl, the answer is none.

The official bio for the character shows that they prefer to be called with the “they/them” pronouns. This shows us that Respawn Entertainment (the developers behind Apex Legends) have a progressive mindset and that they want to offer a unique set of characters that all kinds of players can relate to.

Is Bloodhounds Voice a Girl?

Apex Legend’s Bloodhound is voiced by a girl. The voice actress’s name is Allegra Clark and she is known for working on other amazing games such as Star Wars: Squadrons, The Last of Us: Part II, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, and Dragon Age: Inquisition among others.

Why Does Bloodhound Wear a Mask?

One of the reasons why people had a difficult time telling whether Bloodhound is a girl or a boy is because the character wears a mask. The mask gives the character a unique appearance that sets it apart from the other legends, but that’s not all. The mask plays an important role in the character’s story. The lore for Bloodhound shows us that their parents died at a young and that they were engineers, thus sparking interest in technology and creating gadgets for the young Bloodhound. The mask helps Bloodhound track enemies by seeing their footprints. However, it also helps keep the legend’s identity a secret.

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