Is Brawl Stars Kid Friendly? iOS and Android Minimum Age Requirements

Brawl Stars Safe for Kids

Brawl Stars is a highly-popular mobile game developed by Supercell. This is the same developer behind world-famous games such as the Clash of Clans Series, for example. Brawl Stars features a multitude of game modes and they all are super fun to play. Since you are here, you are probably wondering if Brawl Stars is kid-friendly?

Is Brawl Stars Kid Friendly?

The official Brawl Stars ToS (Terms of Service) lists that players need to be minimum of 13 years old to play the game. However, this doesn’t mean that younger kids are not playing Brawl Stars. In fact, Apple’s App Store is suggesting that the age rating for the mobile game should be 9+. On the other hand, Android says that the rating is 10+.

If you are worried about the kind of gameplay that Brawl Stars offers, you should check out a couple of YouTube videos that showcase the main activities. Like most of the popular games for Android and iOS, Brawl Stars includes violence. Kids will use chat rooms packed with strangers for communication with their teammates and, the game features loot boxes alongside in-app purchases.

Loot Boxes and In-App Purchases

The reason why kids get placed in chat rooms is that they get to join guilds aka clans when playing Brawl Stars. However, the problem is that the game features a bundle of in-app purchases that offer boosts, unique cosmetic appearances, and other quality of life improvements. If you don’t share your card information with your kid’s smartphone, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Since Brawl Stars is targeting kids, the developers are required to introduce the option to disable in-app purchases. The game can be played and enjoyed without a single purchase that can run from $0.99 to $99.99.