Is Escape from Tarkov on Steam? (Get the Best Deals)

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Even though Escape from Tarkov is still in beta, the game already has a massive player base. The reason behind this is that Tarkov offers a unique experience. This is a hardcore survival shooter game that is packed with so many cool features that they seem overwhelming to new players. Another thing that makes Escape from Tarkov unique from other popular games is its availability on Steam.

Escape from Tarkov is not available on Steam. People can only purchase the popular survival shooter game from Battlestate’s official website. Since Tarkov is still in the beta phase, the game needs to be pre-ordered in order to receive full access. The game is available in the following editions: Standard, Left Behind, Prepare for Escape, and Edge of Darkness. Each edition offers access to different perks and in-game game items that can give players an advantage. However, they also have different prices and it’s best to start with the “Standard Edition” as a beginner.

Are you wondering why the developers of Escape from Tarkov don’t want to sell the game on Steam? I will answer the question today. Stick around for the end because I will also show you how to get the best deals for Tarkov.

Can You Get Escape from Tarkov on Steam?

You can’t get Escape from Tarkov on Steam. The game is not available to purchase on Steam, Epic Games, or any other launchers. You can only get Escape from Tarkov from the game’s official website. You can access it by clicking here. The game is available to purchase in multiple editions but if you are just getting started, I highly recommend going for the Standard edition which is cheaper. Don’t worry that the other editions offer more perks because they can all be unlocked passively by playing the game.

Are you new to Tarkov? If that is the case, learning what is the best ammo in the game is essential! Read now to check out my Tarkov ammo chart.

How Much is Escape from Tarkov?

As previously mentioned, there are multiple versions of Tarkov and they have different prices. Check them out below:

  • Standard Edition: $44.99;
  • Left Behind Edition: $74.99;
  • Prepare for Escape Edition: $99.99
  • Edge of Darkness Limited Edition: $140.

Sidenote: it’s important to note that depending on what type of method you choose, there will be an extra fee.

The reason why these editions differ so much in price is because they offer a bundle of items and in-game features that make “escaping from Tarkov” easier. However, my advice to all beginners who are planning to get started in Tarkov is to purchase the standard edition. This edition is the cheapest and if you really like the game, you can always choose to upgrade to the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition. You will only have to pay the difference. To make things even better, you can wait for a sale and buy the upgrade for cheap.

I wrote a full guide that details what steps you need to follow to upgrade an Escape from Tarkov Account. You can save lots of money if you know the best way to upgrade.

Why Escape from Tarkov is Not on Steam?

Escape from Tarkov is not on Steam because Battlestate Games (the developers of EFT) have created their own online store. Considering that the game is not out of beta yet, it would have been difficult for the developers to have Escape from Tarkov listed on Steam or any other platforms. Moreover, Battlestate Games doesn’t have to give Steam a cut of the money whenever someone buys the game. This is probably the most important reason why Escape from Tarkov is not on Steam and why it will probably never be available there.

Final Words

Escape from Tarkov is a fantastic game and there is no doubt about that. While there are some “hoops” you need to jump through when buying the game, it’s definitely worth it. There is nothing else out there that can offer the same survival shooter experience.

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