Is Halo Infinite the Last Halo? (Yes, for the next 10 years)

Halo Infinite

It’s been two months since Halo Infinite launched (December 8, 2021) and the game is still topping the “most played” charts on PC and Xbox. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because Halo Infinite is a feature packed game that offers a fast-paced action gameplay. In fact, Halo Infinite is so well-rounded that it might be the last Halo.

Halo Infinite is going to be the “last Halo” for the next ten years. Unlike previous Halo titles, Halo Infinite is designed as a live service. This means that the game doesn’t offer a small bundle of maps and a story that players can finish. Instead, Halo Infinite will receive updates that introduce fresh and exciting content every couple of months. The developers will release these updates in seasons, similar to the way Rockstar Games is dealing with GTA 5: Online, Activision Blizzard with Warzone, and Epic Games with Fortnite.

While Halo Infinite might be the last Halo title, this doesn’t mean that the game will get boring anytime soon. Quite the opposite!

Will Halo Infinite Be The Last Halo?

I really hope that you like the current Halo Infinite because this is the last title that we will get. At least for the upcoming decade. The new Halo Infinite is designed as a live service game. This means that the developers are not going to release standalone Halo titles and instead, focus all their attention on Halo Infinite. The game will receive seasonal updates that introduce new content on a regular basis.

So, even if Halo Infinite is the latest title that the franchise sees for the next decade, players will not get bored of the content anytime too soon. In fact, the developers might do much more than introduce new maps and weapons. They can also introduce new game modes if they see a decline in the current multiplayer modes.

I also wrote an article that explains how friendly fire works in Halo Infinite. You should check it out if you are planning to play the game soon with your friends.

Will Halo Infinite Last 10 Years?

The developers who are in charge of Halo Infinite said that the game is designed to last at least ten years. I think it’s safe to say that Halo Infinite will last ten years, at least in terms of content and developer support it receives. Players might get bored of the game and switch to something new (which happens to every game at some point!) but the developers are not going to give up on it.

Why Will There Not Be Another Halo Infinite?

The reason why Halo Infinite is the last Halo is quite simple. The new live service platform allows the developers to make much more money with an in-game shop than by launching new titles. Creating a brand-new Halo game takes years of development and tens of millions of dollars. The live service platform allows the developers to keep using the same game but improve it regularly.

The perfect example of this is Fortnite. The game released back in July 21 2017, and it’s still one of the world’s most popular games to this day. The secret behind this is that Epic Games keeps adding new content and improves the gameplay experience. Players never get bored of Fortnite and if they do, a new update usually gets them back interested.

Final Words

If you are wondering if there will ever be a new Halo, the answer is yes. For at least one decade to come, Halo Infinite will be the last “new Halo” title that we get. On the bright side of things, the developers will have more than enough time to keep perfecting Halo Infinite and make it better through a constant stream of updates that come with fresh content.

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