Is it Possible to Store Photos on iPhone SIM Cards?

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iPhones are some of the most innovative smartphones in the world and there is no doubt about that. They are always equipped with the latest gen technologies such as allowing people to transfer files in an instant whenever they switch to a new iPhone. Talking about transferring files, most iPhone owners don’t where their photos are stored. If you are trying to find out if your photos are stored on the iPhone SIM card, you have arrived at the right place.

iPhone SIM cards don’t have enough storage space to store photos. The SIM card will hold important information such as the user’s phone number, personal contacts, and other account information. Moreover, a standard SIM card has around 256 kilobytes of storage. If you want to get a new iPhone and want to transfer all your photos, you should be pleased to know that this can be done separately. Apple has designed a cool feature called “Data Migration” that allows users to instantly share files (photos, contacts, and so on) with their new iPhone.

Keep reading if you want to find the reason why photos are not stored on iPhone SIM cards and more.

Are Pictures Stored on SIM Card?

SIM cards do not store photos. The cards are designed to make it possible for smartphones to connect with the user’s network provider and provide cellular services. No matter if you are using a regular SIM card or a nano-SIM, the general storage space of the card is around 256 kilobytes. Most iPhone photos are 3,5-5 MB (depending on the format).

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On the other hand, SIM cards can store phone contacts. If you go into your iPhone contacts and select options, you will be able to save them on your SIM. This is really good if you need to quickly change your smartphone and don’t have enough time to use Apple’s Data Migration feature. Or if you are switching over to Android. However, you can always choose to use third-party file sharing apps to help you with getting data from iOS to Android.

Final Words

In conclusion, SIM cards don’t have enough space to hold photos. The only type of data that SIM cards can store are personal information, the user’s phone number, and other contacts.

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