Is PS4 Rest Mode Better Than Turning It Off? Real Pros and Cons

PS4 in Rest Mode

Are you worried that the PS4 might use too much power if you let in rest mode overnight? Or are you not sure how long rest mode lasts on PS4? Today we will answer all your questions so that you know what to do when shutting down your PS4 or PS5.

Sony designed the PS4 to be used in rest mode. The gaming system will download games and install updates while in rest mode so that players don’t have to wait for them to download when they want to start a new gameplay session. The PS4 uses only 10w per hour when in rest mode and therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on the electricity bill.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the pros and cons of using PS4 mode.

Should You Let PS4 in Rest Mode Overnight?

The PS4 rest mode is designed to use as little energy as possible while keeping the games and firmware updated at all times. Thanks to this, players don’t have to go through the annoying process of waiting for their games to update whenever they start the gaming system. In fact, there is a long post on Reddit where the PS4 community is arguing the pros of rest mode. You can access the Reddit post here and see what PS4 fans have to say about the rest mode.

I also wrote a detailed guide that shows you should place the PS4 horizontally and can happen if you don’t. 

Another cool feature that the PS4 rest mode is the ability to log back in just where you left off. Think about it this way. You are immersed in Red Dead Redemption 2’s Wild West and you notice that it’s getting very late and need to sleep. You can set the PS4 in rest mode and when you start it back again, you will pick up right from where you left off. You don’t need to wait for a loading screen or choose a specific game save file.

How Much Power Consumption Does PS4 Rest Mode Use?

The PS4 rest mode uses 10 watts per hour. The gaming system goes up to 89 watts per hour when running games and therefore, the rest mode is almost 9 times more effective in terms of energy consumption. A fun fact that about the PS4 is that it uses 0.3 watts even when it’s powered off. The reason behind this is that the PS4 needs the power for the controller input.

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