Is Rust Cross Platform? Major Changes in 2021 for Console & PC

Rust cross platform support

Are you planning to get Rust on PC or console want to know if you can play with your friends via cross platform? Rust is one of the world’s most popular games combining a next-gen crafting system with an open-world survival mode that keeps the gameplay fresh exciting. Rust is cross play, but there’s a catch.

Rust is cross-platform on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC player base of Rust can’t join any console games or vice-versa. The advantages that a mouse & keyboard player will have over someone who uses a controller are too many in order for the developers to allow Rust cross platform gameplay.

If you are not sure how Rust’s cross platform system works, you have arrived at the right place. Today we will answer all your question about the cross play support of Rust.

Is Rust Cross Platform?

Rust is cross platform. However, this is not the regular cross platform gameplay that people are used to. Since Rust is such a mechanics-heavy game and it features so many controls, players who use a mouse & keyboard are way faster and more effective than the one who use controllers.

Thanks to this, the developers don’t think it will be fair for console and PC players to be placed in the same lobby. On the other hand, Rust can be played cross platform between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Will Rust Be Cross Platform?

Do you love playing Rust and hate that you can’t get on the same multiplayer lobbies as your friends? Unfortunately, Rust will not be full cross platform anytime soon. There are too many advantages that keyboard & mouse players get and they can’t be overlooked.

How Do You Play Cross Platform on Rust Console?

The built-in multiplayer system that Rust features (both on Xbox and PlayStation) will automatically bring players of different console platforms in the same lobby. The system is designed to speed up matchmaking and players don’t need to do anything else other than to join the multiplayer mode. Although, the cross-play setting needs to be enabled for this to work.

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